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1 Overkill

Great classic,stay clean,no class,damage case and self title overkill with ace of spades this is one of the greateast Motörhead albums

1- Overkill
2- Ace Of Spades
3- Bomber
4- Bastards
5- Orgasmatron
6- Motorhead
7- Iron Fist
8- Inferno
9- Another Perfect Day
10- 1916
11- Kiss Of Death
12- The World Is Yours
13- Overnight Sensation
14- Sacrifice
15- Rock N Roll
16- Bad Magic
17- Aftershock
18- Motorizer
19- We Are Motorhead
20- March or Die
21- Hammered
22- Snake Bite Love

2 Ace of Spades

RIP Lemmy, you will be missed.

Born to lose Lived To Win

A Masterpiece!

3 Orgasmatron

Top notch album, also a comeback for lemmy, different than any other record, drums excellent also courtesy of mr gill.


4 Bomber
5 Bastards
6 Iron Fist

The iron fist, they move in another direction well, also the last album that includes fast eddie clarke, motorhead will never be the same or catch that sound!

7 Motorhead

It all started here! We have a lot to thank this album for. - IronSabbathPriest

R.I.P Lemmy

8 Another Perfect Day

I like the lyrics and unusual soft sound.

The whole blasted album is underrated...

One track mind is underrated

9 1916
10 Bad Magic

Just picked this one up. So far it's pretty solid!

I love this album - Sabbath

The Contenders

11 Inferno
12 Rock 'N' Roll
13 Aftershock
14 March or Die

This album is criminaly underrated!

15 We Are Motorhead

See me burning from the the album motorhead is the best the drum cover is really awesome

16 Kiss of Death
17 Sacrifice
18 Overnight Sensation
19 Hammered
20 World Is Yours
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1. Overkill
2. Ace of Spades
3. Orgasmatron
1. Overkill
2. Ace of Spades
3. Orgasmatron
1. Orgasmatron
2. Overkill
3. Another Perfect Day

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