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The list of the top 10 motorsports in the world from Formula 1 to Moto GP.

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1 Formula 1 Formula One is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and owned by the Formula One Group. The FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since its inaugural season in 1950. more.

Those who say F1 has no competition and no passing clearly doesn't watch F1. Overtakes are always better in F1 than in NASCAR. Just by side for a long ass time isn't good racing, it's manufactured racing. On the other hand, watching an F1 driver slowly close in on his rivals and setting up a move slowly is real racing.

Formula 1 is the best. NASCAR is HORRIBLE as all they do is go in circles. Formula 1 is miles better then NASCAR. what would you want to watch NaScAr go in circles for hundreds of laps or watch Formula 1(The Pinnacle of Motorsport)

If you don't understand F1 fans, watch Netlix's "F1: Drive to Survive". Great show for those new and old to F1, and highlights why people enjoy it so much.

NASCAR is good just F1 is a different level of skill. I’m not a fan of 1 Motorsport. I like watching WEC, IMSA, NASCAR, F1, ARCA, K&N, F2, motocross, the list goes on. So I don’t care if anyone disagrees with me because if I could vote for more than just one I would vote for everything.

2 Nascar

Formula 1 has no competition, no passing, and no type of fall off. Nascar has tons of these and much more. It is far safer than the four above it. It isn't given the chance it deserves and it is unfairly stereotyped. Although, I can not deny. Most of them are true. And yes at times during long green flag runs or back to back cautions, it can get a bit boring. But what sport doesn't have those issues? However, Nascar is never boring when you're at a live event.

V8 Supercasrs look more like show cars I like the big numbers like 33 I reckon NASCAR is the better then V8 Supercars accuse the crappy temas can keep up like Michael Waltrip. Usally Jimmie johnson Wrecks s=because he is the 7 time NASCAR champion and still can wreck. Not like V8 Supercars Jamie Whincup wins all the time never wrecks only one time at the gold coast 600 last weekend but still.

Truth is that the NASCAR after 2010 was meh because it was just boring in general. But before that year, NASCAR was fun to watch, as announcers were entertaining and acted professionally, racing was exciting and unpredictable, and the drivers had to endure a lot more obstacles.

I always used to be a fan of f1 until 2007. Then I watched one race of NASCAR and changed. There's a lot of competition but people are to stereotypical and don't give it a chance

3 Moto GP

I appreciate all forms of racing, but every race in MotoGP is a RACE from start to finish. If riders are with 1.5 seconds of each other in the last lap, the final corner or finish straight will determine the winner. The physics are insane. Many times I can't comprehend how the rider can corner in the wet at incredible speed while passing another rider and not crash. I've been riding for 30+ years, so a little biased. Formula 1 is like chopping down a tree while MotoGP is fast, beautiful and heart-breaking at times. Yes, I watch F1 every race

F1 is just an outdated motorsports and its fans living in the past.. I myself remained a F1 fan since 1998 upto 2009 but then I realized it has gone stagnant (no heroes, no villains, no overtakes, no excitement whatsoever)... I started following MotoGP in 2002 and realized how many empty spaces it filled up that are left un-attended by F1. Long Live MotoGP...!

MotoGP has actual racing - vs F1 parade laps. Excitement in F1 is the first 3 turns, then pit stops - embarrassing. MotoGP is man and machine as one, with actual passing for the lead. Real motor sport drama.

If you like motorcycles you are probably going to like this sport, like I do. F1 is just so boring(in my opinion), its only fun to watch the highlights on youtube. Some tracks they go on for like 60+ laps.

4 IndyCar

I have difficulty understanding why indycar is placed number 7. As a formula 1 fan I cannot appreciate indycar more. With races like the indy500 not only being physically challenging, but also being mentally strenuous as the drivers race at very high speeds with very little margin for error.

Yes, indycar is slower than f1, but in a straight line an indycar is significantly faster even though it has 250hp less than f1. They also weigh a lot more because of the extra protection for drivers so that crashes at very high speeds can be safe, as indycars tend to crash at much higher speeds.

If you still think that indycar is too slow because of the cota timings. Consider this, when was the last time f1 raced on an oval circuit, and what happened? Even if f1 tyres did not blow up due to the extreme tyre loading on an oval circuit, they would still be a lot slower than indycar, simply because f1 cars and indycars are designed to excel at different types of racing and therefore ...more

Nobody works harder in open wheel racing than an IndyCar driver. You can argue all you want about them not being as fast as F1 on a road course, but driving this vehicle at it's limit for an entire race with wheel to wheel action is, in my opinion, the toughest racing around.

Simply the best, closest, diverse and most competitive open wheel racing series on the planet year after year.

The best racing series no one pays attention to! Indy is the best! A diamond in the rough.

5 Rallycross

Superb sport I like it.

Super Cool, I went to see it in Austin, TX

Andreas Bakkerud, Steve Arpin, Petter Solberg, Ken Block, Sebastien Loeb, and many more race in this amazing sport!

Awesome Sport!

6 Motocross

Extreme sport.

7 Monster Jam

This is the best motorsports that no one can top that!

"you will be blown away by the end of the show"


Driving at speeds of over 130 mph on multiple terrains (Dirt, gravel, snow, asphalt) with sharp turns where drivers are sliding sideways at 100mph plus and crazy jumps going at top speed. The drivers (co drivers) and the cars need to endure more than probably any other other motor sport in the world.

The sport is quite amazing because the cars are all standard road cars you can buy today for very little but the tuning and skills that go into each stage is truly amazing, and the sport has such a rich history of rivalries like Lancia VS Audi, Subaru VS Mitsubishi and the entirety of Group B.
This is truly the king of motorsports

If you like driving around in circles this is not the sport for you.

Real cars on real roads going real fast

9 Drag Racing

Drag racing if my favorite when I get older I'm going to drag race in my cars

Best racing event to watch live

Most participants of any.

I'm going drag race on day

10 Endurance Racing

I think that it is a fight for teams to finish and win and pretty much a very intense sport

Don't stop racing because driver chipped a nail like they do in F1 or as I call it the boreathon

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11 V8 Supercars

V8 Supercars is easily the most exciting motorsport in the world, You have crazy in car temperatures, Insane tire degradation and the driving skill needed to muscle one of these cars around the circuit is near that of a Formula 1 car, Needs more coverage all around the world.

Great racing, tough cars with none of the driving aids you see in GT, F1, LMP etc. Pure muscle car racing and always have great supports to boot.

V8 has the broadest season stretching from late January to November making it my favourite

One of the best in the world by far, pure aggressiveness, close competition, and if you haven’t seen a lap around Bathurst what are you doing with your life?

12 Monster Truck Racing
13 Touring Car

This has to be higher! I mean, see these different teams, drivers, all in these spread out tracks in the UK! You see different winners every year, every week, every race. Such an action packed sport. Go Aiden Moffat!

For me the BTCC is much more interesting than F1. BTCC provides more action, it really takes the phrase "Rubbin' is racing" to the max. I mean think about it, when last did you see a crash like the one for Rob Austin at Brands Hatch in F1? Every lap is exciting because there is someone always trying to get as high as they can, even if they cause a bump or two. F1 the slightest bit of contact you have to pull in the pits and will cost you $ 1 000 000 to fix

So much more competitive than f1

Just awesome. So much action

14 Stock Car Racing

The brazilian Stock CCar series are very competitive and to win, you need much more than just an fast car...

15 Formula E

With Gen 2 cars released, the race is more intense and fast-paced. 8 races with 8 different winners from 8 different countries, that's how intense the race has been for 2019. Love it much more than F1, in the sense of competition.

This is the future of Motorsport

I doubt it could get any better.

Best motorsport out ther

16 Truck Racing
17 Supercross

I love watching the monster supercross series live

18 Rallying
19 24 Hours of Le Mans

The best should be number one

Sick ting bruv

awesome to watch

20 Formula Two

Formula 2 and F1 are very similar
Both great and fin to watch

21 DTM

For me, it's a series that is seriously underrated as most of the races are seriously fun to watch.

22 Go-karting

Close action packed racing, the roots of all the big names in motorsport. more to it than your standard arrive and hire karts! Karts racing at 80+mph with drivers being within hundredths of a second of each other!

23 Formula Drift

I love it the smell of burning rubber and seeing them go sideways around the corners my fave is the 25 RTR mustang.

Ridiculous amount of skill involved which goes unrecognised. Brilliant to watch and participate in"

Drifting is fun to do and it is great fun to do.

Cool cars racing sideways at 80 mph!

24 Speedboat Racing

Should have been speedway bikes (solos)

I do this it's great fun, I live in Aus

25 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing
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