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The list of the top 10 motorsports in the world from Formula 1 to Moto GP.

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1 Formula 1 Formula 1 Formula One is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and owned by the Formula One Group. The FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since its inaugural season in 1950. more.

The drive for perfection is insatiable for the drivers, the teams and thrilling for the spectators.


the best

The pinnacle of engineering and the skill of the drivers makes F1, the top of all motorsports.

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2 Nascar

Simply the Best, from a supporter in Australia

The best

A lot more to it than just circles. Just as complex as F1 but a lot tighter racing even if they are going in "circles"

NASCAR is better than formula 1 because formula 1 is crap and nascar is ez and formula 1 crash

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3 Monster Jam

This is the best motorsports that no one can top that!

4 Drag Racing

Most participants of any.

Raw True Power.

real fast

Drag racing if my favorite when I get older I'm going to drag race in my cars - DwarrenX

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5 Monster Truck Racing
6 Moto GP

If you like motorcycles you are probably going to like this sport, like I do. F1 is just so boring(in my opinion), its only fun to watch the highlights on youtube. Some tracks they go on for like 60+ laps.

MotoGP is unpredictable and have close fight between other riders and also have big drama in every races not like F1 (he started on pole and most of them will be in win or podium) not in motogp

MotoGP aka F1 of motorbikes but much more exciting.
Personally it definitely is 2nd best Motorsport (behind F1 because its pinnacle of Motorsport)

MotoGP has actual racing - vs F1 parade laps. Excitement in F1 is the first 3 turns, then pit stops - embarrassing. MotoGP is man and machine as one, with actual passing for the lead. Real motor sport drama.

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7 IndyCar

The best racing going. Both road course and round track formats are exciting.

Nobody works harder in open wheel racing than an IndyCar driver. You can argue all you want about them not being as fast as F1 on a road course, but driving this vehicle at it's limit for an entire race with wheel to wheel action is, in my opinion, the toughest racing around.

I have difficulty understanding why indycar is placed number 7. As a formula 1 fan I cannot appreciate indycar more. With races like the indy500 not only being physically challenging, but also being mentally strenuous as the drivers race at very high speeds with very little margin for error.

Yes, indycar is slower than f1, but in a straight line an indycar is significantly faster even though it has 250hp less than f1. They also weigh a lot more because of the extra protection for drivers so that crashes at very high speeds can be safe, as indycars tend to crash at much higher speeds.

If you still think that indycar is too slow because of the cota timings. Consider this, when was the last time f1 raced on an oval circuit, and what happened? Even if f1 tyres did not blow up due to the extreme tyre loading on an oval circuit, they would still be a lot slower than indycar, simply because f1 cars and indycars are designed to excel at different types of racing and therefore ...more

The best racing series no one pays attention to! Indy is the best! A diamond in the rough.

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Driving at speeds of over 130 mph on multiple terrains (Dirt, gravel, snow, asphalt) with sharp turns where drivers are sliding sideways at 100mph plus and crazy jumps going at top speed. The drivers (co drivers) and the cars need to endure more than probably any other other motor sport in the world.

The sport is quite amazing because the cars are all standard road cars you can buy today for very little but the tuning and skills that go into each stage is truly amazing, and the sport has such a rich history of rivalries like Lancia VS Audi, Subaru VS Mitsubishi and the entirety of Group B.
This is truly the king of motorsports

If you like driving around in circles this is not the sport for you.


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9 Stock Car Racing

The brazilian Stock CCar series are very competitive and to win, you need much more than just an fast car...

10 V8 Supercars

Bathurst 1000 is the best racing event in the world

What is this doing in tenth!

it's cool

Number 1

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11 Rallycross

Super cool

Super Cool, I went to see it in Austin, TX

Really Cool

Super Rad

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12 Truck Racing
13 Motocross

Extreme sport.

14 Supercross

YAS BEST - Ninja12589

15 Endurance Racing

I think that it is a fight for teams to finish and win and pretty much a very intense sport

Don't stop racing because driver chipped a nail like they do in F1 or as I call it the boreathon

16 Touring Car

So much more competitive than f1

This has to be higher! I mean, see these different teams, drivers, all in these spread out tracks in the UK! You see different winners every year, every week, every race. Such an action packed sport. Go Aiden Moffat!

Just awesome. So much action

For me the BTCC is much more interesting than F1. BTCC provides more action, it really takes the phrase "Rubbin' is racing" to the max. I mean think about it, when last did you see a crash like the one for Rob Austin at Brands Hatch in F1? Every lap is exciting because there is someone always trying to get as high as they can, even if they cause a bump or two. F1 the slightest bit of contact you have to pull in the pits and will cost you $ 1 000 000 to fix - Danielsun182

17 Formula E

With Gen 2 cars released, the race is more intense and fast-paced. 8 races with 8 different winners from 8 different countries, that's how intense the race has been for 2019. Love it much more than F1, in the sense of competition.


Best motorsport out ther

Flipping indescribable!

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18 Rallying
19 24 Hours of Le Mans
20 Speedboat Racing

I do this it's great fun, I live in Aus

21 Go-karting

Close action packed racing, the roots of all the big names in motorsport. more to it than your standard arrive and hire karts! Karts racing at 80+mph with drivers being within hundredths of a second of each other!

22 DTM

For me, it's a series that is seriously underrated as most of the races are seriously fun to watch. - Kwaysar

23 Formula Drift

If it ain't sliding, it ain't fun

Ridiculous amount of skill involved which goes unrecognised. Brilliant to watch and participate in"

Drifting is fun to do and it is great fun to do.

its lit

24 Red Bull X-Fighters
25 Sprint-Car Racing

Real racing, no politics, just man (and women) and machine.

Sprint car racing is very similar to NASCAR, but it is on a smaller oval that is made of dirt not bitumen. Racers who's dream is to race in NASCAR usually start here racing sprint cars which are a bit easier, then work their way up.


26 Formula Two

Formula 2 and F1 are very similar
Both great and fin to watch

27 United SportsCar Championship
28 Air Plane Racing
29 Isle of Man TT

Men on fast bikes, on small roads. Only more dangerous series I can come up with off the top of my head is Group B

30 Super GT
31 TC 2000
32 GP3
33 Moto3
34 V8 SuperUtes
35 Barstool Racing
36 Motorcycle Sidecar Racing

The Best

37 Jet Ski Racing
38 World Superbike

Just about EVERY manufacturer represented. Turks, Taiwanese, englishmen, American riders fighting. what can be better than this?

39 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing
40 Moto2
41 Formula 3
42 Red Bull Soapbox Racing
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