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The list of the top 10 motorsports in the world from Formula 1 to Moto GP.

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1 Formula 1 Formula 1

Dramatically gone downhill since 2014 but the time of its glory had to be from the 80s to early 2000s still it has a lot to it and is interesting when you start to really dig deep in the world of formula 1

Uh manors gone now

NO Matter What I still Love formula one - Jefin

F1 is boring. You know who's going to win week in and week out. The only good racing is between the manors at the back

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2 IndyCar

Simply the best, closest, diverse and most competitive open wheel racing series on the planet year after year.

3 Moto GP

Best battles and close racing. Superhuman riding by the whole field and the aliens are now being challenged more.

Constant action and drama. Other motorsports don't even come close.

Most exciting motorsport

For me the moto gp is the best mechanical sport because in a formula 1 we just move our arms but on the bike you have to move the whole body pelvis knees and I love it when it leans in turns and positions aerodynamics, moto gp is one of the most physical sports of all mechanical sports but since the appearance of v6 in f1 one wants to sleep and the formula 1 abyss circuits as sepang and for the motorcycle rider gp this n is not very pleasant

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4 Nascar

Formula 1 has no competition, no passing, and no type of fall off. Nascar has tons of these and much more. It is far safer than the four above it. It isn't given the chance it deserves and it is unfairly stereotyped. Although, I can not deny. Most of them are true. And yes at times during long green flag runs or back to back cautions, it can get a bit boring. But what sport doesn't have those issues? However, Nascar is never boring when you're at a live event.

I always used to be a fan of f1 until 2007. Then I watched one race of NASCAR and changed. There's a lot of competition but people are to stereotypical and don't give it a chance

NASCAR has been my childhood and most importantly Go Kurt Busch

Watched all this season and it’s just great fun racing, been a fan of f1 for years and this is replacing it

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Real cars on real roads going real fast

The best sport in the world

Doesn't get any better

6 V8 Supercars

Simply some of the best Racing in the World today.

Come on guys lets get supercars to the top or 2nd or 3rd

7 Touring Car

For me the BTCC is much more interesting than F1. BTCC provides more action, it really takes the phrase "Rubbin' is racing" to the max. I mean think about it, when last did you see a crash like the one for Rob Austin at Brands Hatch in F1? Every lap is exciting because there is someone always trying to get as high as they can, even if they cause a bump or two. F1 the slightest bit of contact you have to pull in the pits and will cost you $ 1 000 000 to fix - Danielsun182

8 Rallycross
9 Endurance Racing
10 Speedboat Racing

I do this it's great fun, I live in Aus

The Contenders

11 Drag Racing

Drag racing if my favorite when I get older I'm going to drag race in my cars - DwarrenX

Best racing event to watch live

I'm going drag race on day - DwarrenX

12 Rallying
13 Red Bull X-Fighters
14 Motocross
15 24 Hours of Le Mans
16 Formula E

I doubt it could get any better.


17 Formula Drift

Drifting is fun to do and it is great fun to do.

its lit

18 United SportsCar Championship
19 Monster Truck Racing
20 Sprint-Car Racing

Sprint car racing is very similar to NASCAR, but it is on a smaller oval that is made of dirt not bitumen. Racers who's dream is to race in NASCAR usually start here racing sprint cars which are a bit easier, then work their way up.


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