Top 10 Moves Certain Pokemon Can't Learn

These Pokemon just don't make sense when it comes to learning or not learning a move you think it should or shouldn't learn

The Top Ten

1 Growlithe Can't Learn Growl

Lololololololol ha funny

This is the one that makes the least amount of sense, it has GROWL in It's name! yet it can't learn growl...why?! Dogs can growl, Growlithe is the Puppy Pokemon, are they saying puppies can't bark or growl? That makes no sense - ChiefMudkip

2 Pidgey Can't Learn Peck

Maybe it’s because they can already learn Gust and Wing attack first - PageEmperor

They're birds, all birds can peck somehow. Togepi gets peck, HOW!? Pidgeotto has a Pokedex where it pecks at foes to protect itself. - ChiefMudkip

3 Gible Can't Learn Bite

This makes literally no sense.

Their mouths were made from biting, Gabite is the Bite Pokemon. And their name origins: Gible (Nibble), Gabite (Bite), Garchomp (Chomp) - ChiefMudkip

4 Mew Can't Learn Teleport

We've seen these guys teleport many, MANY times. They may have learned it in Gen 1, but why not any of the other generations?! - ChiefMudkip

5 Solrock Can't Learn Morning Sun and Moonlight

Their Sun and Moon Pokemon! Yet Solrock can't learn a sun based move! And Lunatone can't learn a moon based move! - ChiefMudkip

6 Zangoose Can't Learn Cut

It's claws look like it could cut a tree down, but the games would say otherwise - ChiefMudkip

7 Latias Can't Learn Flamethrower

Literally every dragon type can learn flamethrower and fire blast (Aside from a few pre-evolved dragon types) But why not Latias & Latios?! Slowpoke can learn these moves! - ChiefMudkip

8 Steelix Can't Learn Iron Defense

It's an iron snake, It's defenses are really high, if Sewaddle & Solosis can learn this, why not Steelix?! - ChiefMudkip

9 Yanmega Can't Learn Fly

It's Pokedex entries go on about how it can transport human beings, but the games would say otherwise.
There are Pikachus that can learn fly, but a large bug with wings can't apparently - ChiefMudkip

10 Vaporeon Can't Learn Bubble or Bubblebeam

Vaporeon is the Bubble Jet Pokemon, yet it can't learn Bubble OR Bubblebeam, It may have learned it in Gen 1, but that doesn't mean it learns it now - ChiefMudkip

The Contenders

11 Cranidos Can't Learn Skull Bash

Must have been an oversight. - PageEmperor

12 Avalugg can't learn Icicle Crash
13 Wigglytuff Can't Learn Baby Doll Eyes
14 Regirock Can't Learn Rock Blast
15 Gyarados Can't Learn Fly

Better yet:

Gyarados can't learn any flying type moves whatsoever!

16 Mudkip Can't Learn Flamethrower

100% true. - henry_danger_is_great

17 Ghastly Can’t Learn Poison Gas

It’s spelt Gastly and how it punches, I think it makes a fist out of it’s gas. - PageEmperor


18 Emolga Can't Learn Fly

So Pidove can carry its trainer but Emolga can't? what? Plus Farfetched who can't participate in sky battles can learn fly, but Emolga who can be in sky battles can't?!?!?!

19 Snorlax Can't Learn Slack Off

Snorlax is always sleeping, which is technically slacking off. If Chimchar can learn this, why not snorlax - ChiefMudkip

20 Zekrom Can’t Learn Thunderbolt
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