Top Ten Moves That People Spam Online On Super Smash Bros

I've been playing super smash bros online for awhile now. And there are some moves that people spam non-stop! And here just a few of them.

The Top Ten

1 Captain Falcon - Falcon Kick

Every time someone plays as captain Falcon all they ever do is spam this one move! - nintendofan126

2 Kirby - Stone

I never saw Kirby as one of the strongest characters in the franchise, but the stone is one of his strongest moves. However, whenever somebody gets on top of you, there's a 99% chance they're gonna use this move. - nintendofan126

3 Fire Hydrant - Pac-Man

Here's how it works. First the player groups the hybrant, then they use a heavy attack on it, and they launch it at you. I played with a player online and they spammed this until I died. - nintendofan126

4 Charizard - Flare Blitz

This is the only reason people even play as charizard. I played with one guy online, and this was the only move he used. - nintendofan126

5 Mario - Fire Ball

How do I know that people spam this move? Because I play as Mario a lot and I spam it! - nintendofan126

6 Villager - Lloyd Rocket

Villager is general is a weak character. But people just milk this move until you die! - nintendofan126

What are you talking about?! Villager is super strong!

7 Zero Suit Samus - Zapper
8 Luigi - Green Missile
9 Zelda - Dins Fire

Funny story. I was battling my friend while playing as Zelda and all I did was use this one move, he now hates it and calls it a "cheap move." - nintendofan126

10 Link - Arrow

The Contenders

11 Ness - PK Fire
12 Cloud - Limit Break
13 Pikachu - Thunder

My friend's amiibo kept spamming this move.

14 Shulk - Back Slash

I make my friends so made. I LOVE IT.

15 Shulk - Vision
16 Zelda - Fireball
17 Bowser - Bowser Bomb
18 Bowser - Flying Slam
19 Little Mac - Forward Lunge Little Mac - Forward Lunge
20 Cloud - Blade Beam
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