Top 10 Movie Characters that Most Deserved Their Deaths

Movie characters whose deaths were pretty much what they all needed.

The Top Ten

1 The Dutch Businessman from Hostel (2005)
2 Vilos Cohaagen from Total Recall (1990)
3 Emil Antonowsky from Robocop (1987)
4 Trey Cooper (Freddy vs Jason)

He was an abusive boyfriend and a total ass. He totally deserved what happened to him.

5 The Emperor (Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi)

That was one of the most hilarious deaths I have ever seen - Kevinsidis

6 Wilma Billie Northrup (Creepshow)

Alcoholic, obnoxious and verbally abusive. I love that her husband feeds her the Crate Monster.

7 Funekei Yoshida (Showdown In Little Tokyo)

He was pure evil. He killed Chris Kenner's parents when he was a kid and came to America dealing drugs. Plus, he decapitated Angel Mueller. He didn't even have mercy on his own men as he killed one after he tried to make it up after not guarding his house properly and plenty more.

8 Frank Cotton (Hellraiser)

He was pure evil. He even stole his own brother's skin.

9 Julia Cotton (Hellraiser Franchise)

She was one evil bitch. She brought men home so a skinless Frank could become whole again and later on she and Frank steal his brother Larry's skin.

10 Benni Gabor (The Mummy)

He was a backstabbing coward. Evie even warned him that he would get his comeuppance. He got exactly what he deserved.

The Contenders

11 Tamara Mason (Friday the 13th: Jason takes Manhattan)

I absolutely hate her. She's a bitch and a user. I'm glad that she gets killed by Jason.

12 Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs)

He was so creepy.

13 Luther (The Warriors)

He shot Cyrus for no reason except his own entertainment. But he does get his comeuppance and pay his dues in the end when the Grammercy Riffs kill him.

14 Manny Fraker (Death Wish 3)

I love how Paul Kersey blows him up all at once. That was quick and easy.

15 Mason Verger (Hannibal)

He was a pedophile who raped and abused children. He abused animals. He was a very demented, perverted and sadistic person. Total monster!

16 Carlton Hendricks/Captain Howdy (Strangeland)

He did terrible things to a lot of young people that he lures into his house. He was a sadist and liked torture.

17 Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2)

She planned on having Fiona marry her son so he could become king of Far Far Away. She even tried to kill Shrek. Fans even theorize that the fairy godmother was the one who cursed Fiona in the first place.

18 Jennifer Check (Jennifer's Body)
19 The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

She wanted Snow White dead just because she was fairest in the land and not her. That is literally the stupidest motive to kill someone.

20 Bill (Kill Bill)

He was the one who ordered the Bride's execution and shot her in the head, putting her in a four year coma.

21 William Wild Bill Wharton (The Green Mile)

He was really the one who raped and killed the two little girls. John Coffey got blamed for it because he was the one seen with them even though he was trying to save them. Only if everyone knew who the real killer was. But he gets what he deserves in the end.

22 Chris Hargensen (Carrie)

She's the queen bee and the head bitch who bullied and humiliated Carrie in front of everyone at the prom, resulting in everyone's death. But she gets her comeuppance when Carrie blows up her car with her and her lackeys inside.

23 Mitch (Leprechaun 3)
24 Warren Kincaid (Bride of Chucky)
25 Ajax (Deadpool)
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