Movie Characters With the Sexiest Dance Scenes


The Top Ten

1 Seetha (The Indian Tomb)
2 Nelly Bordon (Caliber 9)
3 Cherry Darling (Planet Terror)
4 Queen of Sheba (Solomon and Sheba)
5 Alexandra "Alex" Owens (Flashdance)
6 Sophie (Please, Not Now!)
7 Megan (Blown Away)
8 Nancy Callahan (Sin City) Nancy Callahan (Sin City)
9 Tina (Do the Right Thing)
10 Salome (Salome)

The Contenders

11 Elizabeth (9½ Weeks)
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Top Remixes

1. Seetha (The Indian Tomb)
2. Nelly Bordon (Caliber 9)
3. Cherry Darling (Planet Terror)


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