Movie Characters With the Sexiest Lap Dance Scenes


The Top Ten

1 Arlene Butterfly (Death Proof)
2 Charlene Ching (Naked Weapon)
3 Domino Harvey (Domino)
4 Daria (Cradle 2 the Grave)
5 Nomi Malone (Showgirls)
6 Cassidy (The Wrestler)
7 Juicy (30 Minutes or Less)
8 Laure Ash / Lily Watts (Femme Fatale)
9 Tokyo Rose (Butter)
10 Angie Parker (Lap Dancing)

The Contenders

11 April (Loaded)
12 Christina (Exotica)
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1. Arlene Butterfly (Death Proof)
2. Charlene Ching (Naked Weapon)
3. Domino Harvey (Domino)


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