Top Ten Movie Cliches We Are Getting Tired Of

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1 Being saved at the last minute

Its gotten really predictable. And not to mention really old. But I don't hate it.

2 "Mexican standoffs"
3 Villain dying at the last minute
4 The poor being good and the rich being bad

Remember the movie "Robin Hood," by Disney?

5 Happy endings

That's the one thing I don't like about Disney movies. Can't a few of them have a somewhat sad ending for once?

Isn't that a good thing that come in life is happy endings in movies? we already have bad things to worry about...

I've literally had enough

6 The dog dying

Where the red fern grows

7 Mean cheerleaders

Also that they apparently have to be pretty

8 The man and woman always have to hook up
9 America always saving the day/world
10 Half naked woman
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11 There is always a villain
12 The shaking cam

One of the biggest movie cliches, like in found footage and cinema verities, such as the Blair Witch Project, Battle L.A., and Earth to Echo.
Even documentaries and reality shows are filmed this way.
Home videos are especially examples of shaky cam, and so are many YouTube videos.
It’s because our hands are not perfectly steady as they shake due to muscle fibers contracting and/or expanding and changing shape at different intervals in response from the brain.
Stress and fatigue intensify them as we exert energy and stress from holding, doing, or using things.
We can minimize tremors by breathing and concentrating, as well as healthy nutrition and staying hydrated and getting good rest, but we cannot completely get rid of them for good.
They’re there forever and involuntary.

Uuuug, if I knew this was on the list, I would've voted. I am SO TIRED of shaking cameras.

13 Overprotective Dad

Manny Ice Age 4 and 5

14 People running and tripping over their own feet

They run from the killer and they fall.

15 Anti-War messages

This is a movie cliche, actually a cliche in fiction, that needs to die for three reasons.

1. Anti-war messages in movies rarely work. As Francois Truffaut once said "Every movie about war ends up being pro-war". For example, both Apocalypse Now & Full Metal Jacket were intended to be an anti-war movies but both inadvertently encouraged young boys to join the military. Not even Oliver Stone's Platoon was safe from this. What's more, military personnel love those movies.

2. The message is not revolutionary and has been done to death. This cliche has been part of Hollywood since the 1970s and whilst it made sense back then due to the Vietnam War, it has since overstayed it's welcome.

3. The message is hypocritical. Movies depicting war often give war the "war is hell" treatment but movies depicting lesser acts of violence such as sword duels, riots and police shootings play said acts for entertainment value.

If you ask me, excessively vilifying warfare is ...more

16 The liar revealed
17 Comic relief trios
18 Bratty teenage daughter
19 Small, annoying sidekick
20 Androgynous villain
21 Brooding pretty boy
22 The decoy villain

Disney has gotten really bad about this in recent years

23 Villain has to kill hero, hero falls in love with villain, villain falls in love with hero, villain saves hero's life, villain turns hero, they are a couple

I have seen this a million times... -Alexa The Eevee

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