Greatest Movie Couples of All Time

These are the couples that could just make you feel the love and romance right off the movie/tv screen and you felt as if you were the one being loved....

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Fox Mulder & Dana Scully

Mulder and Scully are the cutest couple and because they been through tough time together they show there love with trust and they have a strong chemistry between each other.

This is too awesome to see all these lists having the favorites being either Scully & Mulder and/or Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny... so different to see. *High fives* to all of you! =]

((X-Files without a doubt the best show ever and always will be))

I haven't got to the part where they actually start like liking each other but I knew as soon as I started the show that they were definitely going somewhere!

Fox William Mulder and Scully are such a beautiful couple.
David Duchovny and Gilliam Anderson are great actors.
Mulder and Scully for ever!

Han Solo & Princess Leia

Two sexy, dynamic characters who lived a romance that was so good that even though they were not even THE central characters in this terrific saga (it's really about Luke and Vader of course), their love story will always be among the most memorable storylines of STAR WARS. The carbonite scene is one of the most romantic scenes ever in film history,

The were supposed to both say I love you, but before going on stage the director told Harrison to say what he thought his character should say, and he came up with the iconic "I know" in response.

I love the relationship so much... Just as much as Star Wars itself... Even though Leia stole the most handsome smuggler in the world!

It's a story of enemies turned lovers. so well done and one of the reason The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film.
'I love you'
'I know'
I've melted

Jack Dawson & Rose Bukater

Definitely #1. The most astounding, passionate, romantic lovers in the most amazing way full of life through all the thick-and-thins, up-and-downs still together. The flame of love they've ignited will remain forever...

My definition of love is these two: they scream soulmates. They have this wireless connection... Laugh out loud... Wch one can feel. Hands down... Their kinda love can save anyone, free anyone, and... Oh I have to stop m getting TITANIC hangover

Always and forever. They're epic and their story is just so real and amazing. They stayed together till the end and he died in her arms cause he wanted her to live! AMAZING!

The best movie couple hands down! When they are together I get chills. And they have great chemistry in real life too. Doesn't get much better than Jack and Rose.

Noah Calhoun & Allie Hamilton

The Notebook is one of the most romantic movies I have ever seen. It brings warmth to your heart when you think of the struggle Noah and Allie go through and end up together at the end. Although I love Twilight, I believe Noah and Allie's love story is more relatable. Also, I am not a "hormonal pre-pubescent teenage girl"

I think they are the best couple for ever!
Their love is a beautiful story about life. We see the problems, which often complicates our lives. Rachel and Ryan played this role very convincingly. I absolutely believe in their love.

Good Onscreen Couples (Gosling & Mcadams and Garner & Rowlands) made this a fantastic movie. But the onscreen chemistry of Rachel Mcadams and Channing Tatum in the movie " THE VOW " was extraordinary to watch.
I would love to see them together again in more love stories onscreen.

Are you kidding me Edward and Bella is higher than this one. That makes no sence ant all and its extremely disturbing. So I'm guessing mainly hormonal pre-pubescent teenage grils are voting on this list

Edward Cullen & Bella Swan

I love Twilight so much, I'm a huge fan and I think they really are the best couple as they are together not only on-screen but off-screen too. It's proof, Edward, Bella. Kristen, Robert, they're perfect for each other.
Absolutely no competition.

They were ment for each other their love between human and vampire is unconditional so when Bella turns into a vampire that means that Edward and Bella can be together forever. They will continue their perfect piece of forever.

ACTUALLY, I am addicted to them.. I really love twilight, such a great book.. I read it almost 100 times, but I never get tired and as usual every time I read this I get chill.. Please vote this

They are an amazing couple.. I've watched the films and read the books a million times, I never get bored. I would love to meet them both. Please vote for edward and bella

Rhett Butler & Scarlett O'Hara

They are both so selfish and self-absorbed that it just makes perfect sense for them to be together. The ending of that relationship is also great.

The ultimate movie couple. So strong willed both of them. This was my grandparent's favorite movie and they had a very strong marriage.

Possibly the best and most famous screen couple of all time! So realistic and believable

Truly one of the most classic couples of all time love them both

Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann

This couple makes me feel so strong for them! Every time I think about them I want to cry because of all the cruelty and the unfairness they got. They are so beautiful together and have such a chemistry. They fought so hard protecting each other. All they wanted - to be together. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly created the wonderful characters! I hate the ending in AWE! Disney, bring them back and set the things right!

Yeah she kicks butt and so does he. Partners in crime and best friends, just like a good couple should be! I liked the equality between them and the respect... She was a rich girl but had some real drive and power about her, and class! I think their loyalty was beautiful. She wasn't a pathetic, whinging girl like Allie with Noah... She was a real strong lady who stayed by Will, even when he left for sea. I cried in the second & third movie.. Aww

They are one of the best couples in my eyes and in pirates of the caribbean 5 when they see each other it is so beautiful and in the moment I said to myself my problems are solved. I love how in the first one he was so driven to save Elizabeth and in the second how he was eager to save her and how in the last third one how wanting to marry her and now in the fifth one is how happy he is to see her and stay with her forever. it was so sad how they weren't in stranger tieds

Despite all Will and Elizabeth went through. They still stayed together. Elizabeth was willing to wait 10 years for him! From childhood to adulthood. They were loyal. Elizabeth defied society to be with Will. They rock!

Belle & The Beast

ok so he's a beast just think about how good he's going to be in bed. I mean just think about it he's a beast. this covid 19 thing has made me I little bit crazy sorry people

Best couple ever because they didn't have the love at first sight cliche. But only loved each other after spending time and getting to know their true selves.

Belle and the Beast are perfect for each other: the chemistry and tension between them is realistic and fluent. The ultimate fairy tale romance!

Love this couple, but the anti-Frozen dig was not necessary at all.

Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger

The reason why they beat out Eddy and Bella is because of the romance style. Edward and Bella had an unnatural love. Ron and Hermione have realistic love. Harry Potter isn't a romance fueled series, but this was the best side plot. Even though they didn't kiss after 200 pages, there was subtlety. And in the end, that final kiss was better than the many kisses of twilight for a reason

What makes this couple so special is their romance plot spands over seven years, not a fake seven years but a real one along with the actor and actress as they grow up. It made it so real, and gave their love great depth.

This couple was awesome. Loved the harry potter series and loved this couple so much. I really don't get how Edward and bella got higher than them. They're much better.

Best movie couple ever! I mean, when they first meet at age 11 they hate each other... then they become best friends. And finally admit that they love each other in the last book!

Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson

John Travolta and Olivia Newton John are amazing, they were so cute on and off camera and they still do stuff together today!

I love them both, the different attitudes during most of the movie just come together so perfectly.

From..."Grease" and you can't help but be electrified by this couple...

I love Grease! These two are the best couple!

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? Pintel & Ragetti
? Steven Prince & Sam Chamberlain

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Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy

What can be greater than love making you want to be a better man... Darcy is the ultimate selfless hero, rescuing his lady without expecting her to know about his good deed. "By you I was properly humbled"... "I cannot fix the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which lay the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun" His speeches are so romantic and the man simply can't keep his eyes off Elizabeth through the entire book...

Pride and Prejudice is the ultimate romantic story, the BBC version had the best Lizzy and Darcy ever! The humility that Darcy showed after his rejection made my heart palpitate. His love for Lizzy broke down his pride and in turn overcame her prejudice of him. He made sacrifices for Lizzy without expecting anything in return but knowing that she will be spared pain and embarrassment. Their first kiss always made me grin from eye to eye.

I love how they don't fall for each other at first sight but learn to love each other after a series of misunderstandings and preconceived notions are cleared up. They keep each other humble. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy both learn that you need to keep an open mind about others and to not always believe gossip. The title Pride and Prejudice really does fit their relationship to a T.

So adorable. Shows how love can bring you down from societal norm and bring happiness to 2lives.

Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson

They are the best couple ever they look sooo cute together

Made for each other. True Love.

When you are team Gwen... *cries*

Rocky & Adrian Balboa

This is defenetly the greates movie couple of all time. They were soul mates whoes love surpased even time, as you can see in the last movie "Rocky Balboa" even after her death he still was madly in love with her.

BEST love story of ALL time! I will never get over Rocky and Adrian! Total marriage goals!

A love Stronger than Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Drago, and Tommy Gunn put together...

Love their relationship so much!

Flynn Rider & Rapunzel

Their gradual love story just made my heart melt. They are perfect together.

This couple is better than Kristoff and Anna (Frozen).

Love this couple

The Phantom & Christine

The phantom's love and devotion to Christine is beautiful. The movie and the musical leaves you at the end feeling very sad for Erik.

No other movie couple can beat this. Christine and the Phantom are such a darkly beautiful union.

His name was Eric, he was named after the priest who was present at his birth

Their love was like for Christine, fatherly like but for the phantom passionite...

Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala

They were so cute together at first! Not kidding, I used to have a crush on Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. ;) If Anakin had stayed good, they would have been amazing together and started a wonderful family. Kinda makes you sad to think about what could have happened and what did happen.

Yes he was deceived by Darth Sidious, but he turned to the Dark Side in an effort to save her! Their romance in Episode II almost makes it my favorite of the six. I just find them so cute.

Such a deep and tragic love. Anakin gains power to protect the one he loves, while Padme watches him sink deeper into darkness. Sweet at first, terribly sad in the end.

I was shocked when I found out this was one of the worst movie couples and I thought of them as a good couple.

Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark

Even though the whole nightlock thing was all an act, you get the sense that Peeta would actually sacrifice himself for Katniss. Not that Katniss would have let him. May the future be ever in J-Hutch and J-Law's favour.

Best couple, the way they are portrayed in the film is amazing and makes them look like they're together.

I just saw Catching Fire two days ago and I became OBSSESSED! My favorite couples are Hermoine and Ron, and Katniss and Peeta! They should be on the top!

The interesting angle here is that Katniss is the warrior-like heroine while Peeta is the lover.

Romeo & Juliet

I honestly don't think theyw ere in love. They just met, I think it was just thormones. However, how they acted upon there feelings for each other is very memorable!

They had the most tragic ending but they are still considered the best movie couple - or one of the best at least.

Your right about Romeo and Juliet.

Antonio Banderas and Cathering Zeta Jones in Zorro
Aragorn & Arwen

I really suggest people read the Appendices to the Lord of the Rings. "The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen. " Absolutely beautiful. "And thus it was that Arwen first beheld him again after their long parting; and as he came walking towards her under the trees of Caras Galadhon laden with flowers of gold, her choice was made and her doom appointed. " JRR Tolkien pg. 1060

Whether it's in book or on screen these two have got to be the best couple I know of. Their love suffers through a lot and throughout it all holds such depth. Just.. A beautifully portrayed expression of love.

Such good chemistry in the book and even better in the movie. These 2 are MADE for each other. They look so cute together and have such awesome chemistry. The BEST movie couple.

She gave up immortality, gave up going to the undying lands where she could have lived forever in peace, health & happiness, just to be with Aragorn. That's love.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Look at the list here, every one of them are forced love and most of them end with that happily ever after cliche that just shoehorned in there just make two opposit sex characters to do something bland. Bonnie & Clyde however needed each other because the need to survive which forced them to kill and rob banks together. Most of all, these are serial killers that actually made the audience sympathize these two love-birds no matter how many they've killed. This is the best example that evil people are still capable for love and they should have been higher!

Tony Stark & Pepper Potts

Ohh yeah I forgot about them but should it be pepper stark because they were married

The banter between Stark and Potts is electrifying.

AKA Robert Downey Jr & Gwyneth Paltrow.

PEPPERONI! and their daughter is precious

Batman & Catwoman

Batman Returns or Dark Knight Rises? If Batman Returns, great, if Dark Knight Rises, no.

Christian & Satine

They may not look like it but they are the perfect couple living in two diffrerent worlds. He is a writer that is inspired by her. And she (let's face the facts) a hooker that is changed converted by him. It was love that struck them. You see all you need is LOVE.

Moulin Rouge is my ALL TIME favorite movie, Christian is so romantic and satin is beautiful!

The most dramatic story ever to be told... And they chose the best couple to tell it.

Oh my God, they are just so perfect together! They should be on the list.

Fix-It Felix Jr. and Sergeant Jean Calhoun
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