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201 Rab & Jean Henshaw

It doesn't hurt that Jane Horrocks and Peter Mullan could actually sing, (Sunshine on Leith is obviously a musical) even if the latter's rendition of Oh Jean is a bit booze slurred and rough as sandpaper.

202 Liz Henshaw & Ally
203 Faramir & Eowyn
204 Maria & Tony (West Side Story)

West Side Story is the most romantic movie in the world

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205 Tod and Vixey
206 Ariel and Eric

I love this couple a lot far more than ever. This couple's better than those insufferable love hate relationships anyway, right?

207 Dodger and Rita
208 Tito and Georgette
209 Mowgli and Shanti
210 Pongo and Perdita
211 Duchess and Thomas O'Malley
212 Kristoff and Anna

I don't like the idea of Anna being isolated at all. It's better if they know each other before they grew up, isn't it?

O.K., frozen may not have been a great movie, but Kristoff and Anna are a pretty damn great couple.

213 Nani and David V 1 Comment
214 Tiana and Prince Naveen

This couple is at least less insufferable.

215 Cinderella and Prince Charming

This other couple's also better than those insufferable love hate relationships too anyway.

216 Kenai and Nita

I feel more neutral about those two.

217 Pocahontas and John Smith
218 Chicken Little and Abby Mallard
219 Bongo and Lulubelle - Fun and Fancy Free
220 Frankie & Dee Dee

Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello from the Beach movies, where the greatest teen couple.

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