Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

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221 Frankie & Dee Dee

Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello from the Beach movies, where the greatest teen couple.

222 Oliver Twist & Jack "The Artful Dodger" Dawkins
223 Bill Sikes & Nancy
224 Velma Kelly & Roxie Hart
225 Tommy Oliver & Kimberly Ann Hart

I was a fan of Power Rangers growing up and I didn't see them on the list. Ranger fans vote for Tommy and Kimberly!

226 Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick Star V 1 Comment
227 Skids & Mudflap
228 Dom Toretto and Brian O'Connor
229 Groot & Rocket Raccoon
230 Adam & Caroline in Untamed Heart
231 Gus Gus & Jacqueline V 1 Comment
232 Mike Lowrey & Marcus Burnett (Bad Boys 2)
233 James Carter & Inspector Lee (Rush Hour)
234 Agent J an Agent K (Men in Black)
235 Ben Barber and James Payton (Ride Along)
236 Carl & Ellie Fredricksen
237 Don Lockwood & Kathy Seldan
238 Princess Buttercup & Westley
239 Harry Angel & Epiphany Proudfoot (Angel Heart)

Portrayed by the always excellent Mickey Rourke and the absolutely gorgeous Lisa Bonet in this twisted tale, directed by Alan Parker. And Robert DeNiro as Louis Cypher (get it? ).

240 Henry Chinaski & Wanda Wilcox (Barfly)

Again, Mickey Rourke as Henry, a character based on Charles Bukowski and Faye Dunaway as Wanda, in this terribly overlooked movie by director Barbet Schroeder who is best known for producing 'More' feat. The classic soundtrack by Pink Floyd.

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