Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

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141 Hiro & Baymax V 1 Comment
142 Lara Antipova & Yuri Zhivago (Julie Christie & Omar Sharif in Doctor Zhivago)
143 Jamal Malik & Latika

Slumdog Millionaire! They thought they would meet again only in death... But after all those years, he came back for her!

144 Jim Levenstein & Michelle Flaherty
145 Ren McCormack & Ariel Moore
146 Peter Pan & Tinker Bell
147 Esmeralda & Captain Phoebus
148 Christian Grey & Ana Steele

Simply the most obsessively loving couple ever!

Their in so much love with each other that it hurts when they don't talk with each.They were made for each other.Their love is very surprising and adorable especially when Christian is a sadist.

V 1 Comment
149 Mr. Kimble and Joyce
150 Danny Archer & Maddy Bowen
151 Pat & Tiffany (Silver Linings Playbook)
152 Ian & Wanda
153 Buddy & Jovie

Aka Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel

154 John & Yoko
155 Kat Stratford & Patrick Verona V 1 Comment
156 Tris and Four V 2 Comments
157 Mulan & Li Shang

When he took off his shirt during his song about their training and she had her mouth open, you knew the sparks would fly once the secret was out.

Laugh out loud... Their awkward and cute... That's what I like! I love how Shang is this brave soldier yet he can't even talk to Mulan without making a fool out of himself. They save each other and have a strong friendship based off of personality traits. They don't have to change who they are either. I <3 them so much... Though no one appreciates them! - baconyum

158 Paula & Gregory (Gaslight)

Such a powerful story of obsession, infatuation, and betrayal

159 Beca & Jesse V 2 Comments
160 Rizzo & Kenickie
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