Greatest Movie Couples Of All Time

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141 Jane & Mr. Bingley
142 Lydia & Mr. Wickham
143 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

I'd rather prefer the idea of them just friends and nothing nor nothing else more.

I know there not real but they would be the best

144 Lady & The Tramp
145 Keith Zetterstrom & Natalie Anderson

Such an unknown film yet so addictive, could not stop watching this movie after watching it the first time.

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146 Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blyth
147 Sweeney Todd & Mrs Lovett

They're like a demented incarnation of Bill Sikes and Nancy

148 John Bender & Claire Standish

From the Breakfast club - one of the greatest movies ever!

149 Kristoff and Anna

I don't like the idea of Anna being isolated at all. It's better if they know each other before they grew up, isn't it?

O.K., frozen may not have been a great movie, but Kristoff and Anna are a pretty damn great couple.

150 Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy

Technically speaking, in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, the two characters has SUCH great chemistry. They were such a great couple founded on a great emotional relationship. Nothing compares. Many--even most--other movie couples are based on mostly physical attraction and do not prioritize an emotional connection. Most of the greatest movie couples do not come from romantic movies.

So much better than Peter and MJ! So sad at how it ended out. But Emma Stone as Gwen was just so charismatic that it will be very difficult for any new MJ Watson to be a good new love interest for Spider-Man in the reboot.

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151 Hiro & Baymax V 1 Comment
152 Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
153 Lara Antipova & Yuri Zhivago (Julie Christie & Omar Sharif in Doctor Zhivago)
154 Finn & Rey

They so cute

155 Lord Asriel and Stelmaria
156 Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff
157 Han Solo & Chewbacca V 2 Comments
158 Hermione Granger & Draco Malfoy

I know that they would never happen, and when I heard about the idea they got together was terrible. I don't know something happened and I fell in love with them.

They are perfect for each other and if they happened they would have been the best movie couple of all time.

JKR was just too lazy to do it right and that I held a grudge against her.

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159 Homer & Marge Simpson

Makes me cry every time I see something about their love... Clearly the best romantic pair.

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160 Jim Levenstein & Michelle Flaherty
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