Top 10 Movie Franchises that Got Bad

A movie franchise can start off strongly but like tv shows they end up going through terrible changes mainly in the form of bad sequels and prequels, these are the movie franchises that got bad.

The Top Ten

1 The Land Before Time

How many sequels were there?
*Checks Google*
14? what? - Not_A_Weeaboo

It needs to stop. They have no plot anymore. - PackFan2005

2 Transformers

With each sequel are crammed with more fight scenes and and even longer running time. - egnomac

Thanks Michael Bay. - PackFan2005

3 Ice Age

First one good, 2 & 3 were okay then 4 & 5 happened filled with bad storylines horrible attempts at comedy and horrible pop culture references. - egnomac

Ice Age: Good
The Meltdown: Fine
Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Fine
Continental Drift: Bad
Collision Course: Atrocious - PackFan2005

1- Great
2- Good
3- Good
4- Bad
5- Awful

1 - Amazing!
2 - Great!
3 - Great!
4 - Mediocre
5 - Atrocious

4 Final Destination
5 Saw
6 Batman

First Batman movie was great, the second one got mixed recepion, Batman Forever however became more cartoony with over the top acting and Batman and Robin ended up killing the orginal franchise. - egnomac

7 Friday the 13th
8 Resident Evil
9 Shrek

I’ve never been a fan of the Shrek series, but the first two were okay, but the rest sucked. - PackFan2005

1- Good
2- Better
3- Not as good
4- Third place - DA25

10 Star Wars

A New Hope: Great
The Empire Strikes Back: Amazing
Return of the Jedi: Amazing

The Phantom Menace: Decent
Attack of the Clones: Bad
Revenge of the Sith: Great

The Force Awakens: Good
The Last Jedi: Decent

Rogue One: Bad
Solo: Good - PackFan2005

Loved the original, the prequels were terrible with the exception of Episode III. - egnomac

Now Disney animation is using Alan Tudyk of the first Ice Age movies over and over. (What kind of cut-rate productions are there? ) - DA25

The Contenders

11 X-Men
12 Home Alone

The first two movies were the best, the rest were rubbish!

I liked the first two, third was decent, but don’t get me started on the other ones. - PackFan2005

1 - Amazing!
2 - Amazing!
3 - Mediocre
4 - Garbage
5 - Atrocious

13 A Nightmare on Elm Street
14 The Fast and the Furious

First was good kinda, But the 2nd-4th were lame, 5th-7th were ok, 8th is ehhh...

End this series please, we don’t care about it anymore. - PackFan2005

3-Just Terrible
4-They Aren't Even Trying Anymore
5-Finally Its Good
6-Not bad
7-Decent Enough
8-Sucks Again - VideoGamefan5

15 Jaws
16 Open Season

Let’s pray they don’t make a fifth movie. - PackFan2005

2-So Bad its good
4-Just Stop - VideoGamefan5

17 Speed
18 Jurassic Park

I only like the first movie and Jurassic World. JUST THOSE TWO. The others sucked.

19 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

At least they're improving again in Out of the Shadows.

20 DC

DC used to be good with Superman, Michael Keaton's Batman, Nolan's Batman, and more. But when the DCEU was born, I started hating them and now I'm into Marvel more than DC.

21 The Mummy
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