Movie Franchises That Need to End


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1 Transformers

The series started out strong, but by the 3rd movie I was sleeping.

Transformers 3 was a pain in the butt, I just saw the movie due to all the amazing graphics and visual effects, the story wasn't even close to interesting,
Transformers is loosing their charm, they need to concentrate more on thir script

Its boring, now

Yes it does - BoyGenius234

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2 Pirates of the Caribbean

This needs to stop, please. - DA25

I like the majority of the series like 1 and 2, but “At Worlds End” and “On Stranger Tides” we’re boring. 5 injects new life in it

3 Ice Age

How Much Money The Sequels Made Outside America Is The Problem

Ice Age is awesome, don't encourage them to end it plus there is gonna be a new one in 2019

The first one was great, but then it just got stupid and pathetic as it went on. it's almost like they were doing the sequel only for the money.

Yes, they may make a sixth, and I wont even bother, considering how bad the 5th was, like come on! 5 isn't enough! and they're ruining the series whats next? scrat erupts a volcano? just thinking of more boring plots...

Scratch time travels and makes Manny Diego and sid never meet - Tyoshi

4 Resident Evil

These aren't good movies and don't respect the source material. They only exist to make money. Let it end

5 Underworld
6 American Pie
7 Final Destination

These movies just keep getting worse

8 Men In Black
9 Madagascar

Too bad lol. There's gonna be a new one in 2018 and I'm hyped

But This Is A Great Franchise

I love madagascar! ever since I was in second grade! lol now I'm going into grade 7, just think they only
had 3, ( second one kinda sucked ) and maybe a 4th, think of ice age, its now horrible!

10 Paranormal Activity

The new Saw with endless sequels. - Hernandez1614

I agree with this guy.

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? Child's Play
? The Purge

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11 Star Wars

I like it, story is epic, sometimes, lachrymose, and, for the hugest part, interesting, and the 7th movie is anticipating for next year or 2017. I love this series

How many of these are they gonna make?!?

12 The Hangover

After Part I, this needs to stop. - Hernandez1614

13 Alvin and the Chipmunks

We've had enough of that franchise, and we don't want anymore bad live action movies based on any childrens' cartoons.

This Should Be Number 1

14 Alien

I love Alien and Aliens as much as the next person, but the franchise went downhill after Aliens. Alien 3 and Resurrection aren't any good, the AVP movies were awful, and Prometheus was one of the worst movies of 2012. I can accept the fact that you can't make an Alien movie as good as Alien or Aliens, but if you can't do better than terrible, then just let the franchise die.

I just don't see what is so appealing about this franchise. My friend says he likes those movies because of the blood and gore. Don't get me wrong, I can handle blood and gore, but if that's the only thing a movie has to offer, than no thank you.

I wouldn't say that Prometheus was "one of the worst movies of 2012", but it was a huge letdown. If even Ridley Scott, the man who started the franchise couldn't make a good Alien movie, then leave the franchise alone.

Alien and Aliens are the only movies worth watching and they're just okay. The others are either mediocre (Alien 3 and Prometheus) or Razzie Awards bad (Alien: Resurrection and both AVP movies).

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15 The Fast and the Furious
16 James Bond
17 The DC Extended Universe
18 Scream
19 Predator

None of these movies are any good, NONE. And kudos to whoever put Alien on the list, all those movies are overrated, especially the first two.

Despite what some people say, Predator is a great movie, as well as Alien and Aliens. But I think the original Predator was some kind of fluke because the sequels and the AVP spinoffs aren't any good.

20 Scary Movie

Any of the movie movies has to end.

Need I say more.

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