Top 10 Movie Franchises That Overstayed Their Welcome


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1 Transformers

Just the movies. The actual franchise is awesome. - Therandom

2 Twilight
3 Air Buddies

All air buddies is, is just sticking these adorable puppies in some theme like Halloween or Super Heroes and make stuff happen, according to Disney kids love watching movies with talking animals in them. - egnomac

It's cute, but has no more point and the voicing is horrible. But, like I said, it's cute and sometimes it can be a little funny at times, so it's okay. Besides, they're not making anymore.

4 Final Destination
5 Alvin and The Chipmunks

They should have stopped after the first one. Now they have a vomit-inducing Nickelodeon show and a 4th movie on the way.

This Franchise Was Already Unbearable Since The First Film
I Wanna Run Over Those Damn Chipmunks

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6 Star Wars

George Lucas should have left well enough alone when he decided to make the prequel trilogy. - egnomac

After the first three movies, I got sick of this crud - DCfnaf

These movies are fantastic!

7 Friday The 13th

Even though the later movies are inferior to the earlier ones, it's still an awesome series. - bobbythebrony

8 Ice Age

It should go away - DCfnaf

That I Can Kind Of Agree With! 😉

9 The Hangover
10 Pirates of the Caribbean

They're making another one this year? Why? The only one that was enjoyable the whole way through was the first one, anyway. I am so sick of Jack Sparrow. Disney, you just made something fresh with Zootopia. While I did enjoy the BatB remake, I'd still rather see original things from the company. - Elric-san

The Newcomers

? Alpha and Omega

Its very weird why alpha and omega would get a sequel like how mediocre it is and we got awful sequels with absolutely no logic. the alpha and omega sequels are one big f*** logic meme

? The Hunger Games

The Contenders

11 Shrek

Shrek 1&2 Were Amazing
Shrek The Third Ruined It All

12 Home Alone V 1 Comment
13 Paranormal Activity
14 Frozen

The movie started it all, they made a short, a lego special, later this year they are making a holiday special about Olaf, a sequel is already slated to be released in 2019 Frozen will never die! - Gabriola

I't Doesn't Even Have A Sequel Silly!

15 Police Academy

They stopped being good after the first movie - Shake_n_Bake13

16 Revenge of the Nerds

The first two are good, but the third and fourth movies are two of the lamest films I have ever seen - Shake_n_Bake13

17 The Fast and the Furious
18 A Nightmare on Elm Street
19 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
20 Star Trek
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1. Transformers
2. Twilight
3. Air Buddies
1. Twilight
2. Transformers
3. Friday The 13th



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