Top 10 Movie Franchises Which Had Too Many Sequels and/or Spinoffs


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1 Leprechaun Franchise

I only like the first movie. (Yes, it's bad, but it's one of those "so bad it's good" movies. It's hilarious.) - JC_How

And they're all awful too. Lol. - RobertWisdom

The leprechaun franchise sucks. It sucks pretty much. In fact, worst than the Transformers Franchise. Saying quite a lot there. All of them have one thing in common. They are all crap and bad movies. Now, the first one got a sequel because it had a massive budget of 1 million. It really shows and the movie and writing and things were horrid. I mean, I like worst movies of all time quality. It had more sequels, and more movies than it needed. This franchise should have never happened and the movie sucked. Do not see any of these, none are critically well received. - iliekpiez

Not to mention that Origins had seemingly nohing to do with the original movies - which do have good moments in them. - DapperPickle

2 Air Bud Franchise

I gotta say, I like the first one. Probably because it has got a dog in a basketball costume. But this franchise, no joke has 14 sequels. What's Next? Air Bud plays tennis? Air Bud plays chess? Yeah but it has kinda ended, but it has not just got sequels. Spinoffs, Santa Paws, this almost started off a trend for Disney in a sense. However, the sequels were all boring but I still like the dogs in the basketball costume. I do not trust you if you do not find that adorable. - iliekpiez

Disney likes making movies about live action dogs in crazy situations, that's what I have learned from this. - DapperPickle

I used to love the Bud movies. It’s kind of repetative though but I love the movies still. - NightJinx

3 The Land Before Time Franchise

How did this even get ONE sequel, let alone THIRTEEN?

This might be the largest animated movie franchise based on quanity. The last time I checked, it had either 13 or 14 movies. 13 or 14 movies is far too long for this franchise, in fact a trilogy was. The original was a great movie and did not need a sequel. The next issue I have is that they are musicals. This means they are trying to get kids more interested and yet is going lighter and going for the cash grab and using the movie to get more money. End franchise. - iliekpiez

Make it stop, I’ve never liked this series anyway. If they’re so desperate for money, try making a real movie. - PackFan2005

4 Jaws Franchise

They should of ended it after the second film

The 2nd one was decent.

Jaws was a amazing movie, did well at the box office. So the company so stupidly decided to make three sequels. All of which are bad. The second one is awful, but not one of the worst of all time. The third one is hilarious. Makes me cry with laughter. It is so bad, had so little effort put into it by the end of the day. The fourth one, I am not going to detail over, the plot is: a shark follows a family to the Bahamas from Florida. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. This franchise got worse and worse as it went on. - iliekpiez

5 Friday the 13th Franchise

This franchise has so many movies. The first one is a great movie, a horror classic that should be seen if you adore horror movies, you would love it. But this a franchise running on no legs now, almost like it is being forcefully dragged (I think they have stopped-hopefully) to another race. The movie that showed everybody this in the end was Jason Goes to Manhattan. Do you even care anymore? That movie is on the lines of Leprechaun. That should never happen! Just stick to the first, all the rest can suck it including the crossover with Freddy. - iliekpiez

I thought the 2009 reboot wasn't actually bad and I'm anticipating the eventual sequel. - DapperPickle

This franchise has so many movies, a lot of them bad. I think it was a pun as the movie is called Friday the 13th. The way it goes the first two were good, and the rest including the remake were bad. Jason Goes to Manhattan. We went roughly to one of the best horror movies ever made, to some pile of trash, that was poorly written, not scary and also had hilariously bad things in it. Horror franchise gone too far. - iliekpiez

6 Transformers Franchise
7 Ice Age Franchise

This is a franchise which had run out of ideas. Fox is whacking Blue Sky to make more of them even though they try to beg to not make them. The first two were good and the only actual ones that I like because the rest suck. The third has dinosaurs. This is a cash grab clearly as dinosaurs just came out of nowhere. Showed franchise has ran out of ideas. The fourth one was pretty bad. Pirates? Diego got a girlfriend. Moving on to Collison Course that one was atrocious. Sid got a girlfriend, all the characters sucked. Yeah Scrat sucks now. Fox, just end poor old Ice Age. - iliekpiez

In my unpopular opinion, all of the sequels outrank the original, Continental Drift was the best of them, and while Collision Corse was a bit underwhelming, I prefer it to the original (please no hate comments) - darthvadern

The recent one better be the last one. It was really bad. I think the first one was the best one - KingSlayer93316

The only good one was the first one. The rest were mediocre in my opinion.

8 The Fast and the Furious Franchise

The mainline series has just as many movies as the Star Wars mainline series now. How did this manage to get one sequel let alone 8 more.

9 Terminator Franchise

The way the franchise goes is that: The first one was phenomenal, an extremely good action movie that went for a horror movie tone. The second one is the best action movie ever made and is the one of best movies it is, and should be remembered for its also great CGI which looks better than movies like Yogi Bear and The Smurfs. The third one, I like, I enjoy it enough, but yeah it does have issues. This should have been roughly where the franchise Should Have Ended. This is how Terminator should have concluded as a franchise. Salvation came around. And guess what? It was trash, horrible movie. The fifth one, is one of the worst films of 2015. The new one will not improve. - iliekpiez

10 Halloween Franchise

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11 Home Alone Franchise

Well the first one was a classic and then it’s sequel lost in New York was just the same formula with a different setting and then Then was home alone 3 that wasn’t a follow up to the 2nd one and then they made a made-for T.V. movie I mean how many times can you watch a kid set traps for burgalers I mean it’s funny but it’s repeated they should have really stopped at New York

12 Planet of the Apes Franchise

Ok the prequels were good, but how many movies did this classic movie, one of the best ever in Science Fiction. However, the remake was not necessary and Burton did take in a different direction, only it was a pretty terrible direction to go in. However, the original was something that did not need a sequel, it was perfect but the prequels were great in fairness but why did they exist? Because Hollywood has nothing original anymore. - iliekpiez

13 Marvel Cinematic Universe
14 A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise

Nope - RobertWisdom

I like two of these movies. The first and third one. Both are good. There is nine of these movies, and the original I love, Krueger is an awesome character and was on the best. The third one was very well written to my surprise. It has gotten to a point with this franchise when Freddy vs Jason was a bad movie. That is extremely disappointing as both are some of my favourite villains in film. The 2010 remake was the worst, there was no point and Krueger looked worst. - iliekpiez

The problem with the series is that the movies become more self aware and make Freddy even more cartoony with every entry until he just becomes another member of the Looney Tunes and he's lost any factor of scariness he may have once held. - DapperPickle

15 Star Wars Franchise

At least the movies in the main line series were great at best and decent at worst, at least in my opinion. - DapperPickle

Suprised this wasn't on the list already, Disney has officially ruined Star Wars with it's sequels by having unoriginal storylines and only caring about money nowadays - darthvadern

16 Despicable Me Franchise
17 Scooby-Doo Franchise
18 Peter Pan Franchise
19 The Swan Princess Franchise
20 Alpha & Omega
21 Hellraiser Franchise
22 The Amityville Franchise

No, I will never let this one go. especially because there's another one coming out this year. The series itself is possessed and forced to keep going. - nerffan8000

23 Psycho

It should have remained a single movie. The awful sequels from the 80s and the terrible remake from the 90s had no reason to exist.

24 Barbie Franchise
25 Bratz Franchise
26 Monster High Franchise
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