Top Ten Movie Genres You Either Love or Hate


The Top Ten

1 Horror

What's wrong with Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock (both originally book writers) and Tim Burton (his remakes) movies? Being scared makes you feel alive and if you find a certain horror movie not scary, then why not try it out on your friends?

I hate horror movies. They're so stupid. - letdot52

I agree (no offense to the horror movie fans). I mean, what's so good about watching someone getting killed or tortured and just have it all be so dark and depressing and gloomy? I don't wanna watch that stuff.

I second that, letdot52 - CardboardBox

2 Science Fiction

Personally, the genre I will always go for. Some make you think of certain possibilities, others are packed with thrilling action and they often have near flawless plot lines. That is with the exception of the really stupid ones, which are certainly not that. - PositronWildhawk

I love these, they're the best - simpsondude

Sci fi is awesome.

3 Romance

Romance movies are all the same to me. They don't interest me. - PositronWildhawk

Agreed here half is only centered on two people and the other half is basically porn which got very popular, the novels aren't better either - simpsondude

They're crap that all I can say - simpsondude

4 Action

Depends which movie, half are action packed suspenseful movies the other half are wannabes - simpsondude

5 Adult Comedy

As long as it doesn't take it too far - simpsondude

As long as it isn't forced really.

6 Documentary

I find them boring - simpsondude

7 Fantasy

I love fantasies, but they're not for everyone. - PositronWildhawk

Best movie genre ever - simpsondude

Some movies are good and some are not - paasadani

Fantasies are not for everyone.

8 Musical

They have great music and are incredibly cheesy. I love these! - PianoQueen

They make no sense and just annoy the crap out of me - simpsondude

9 Porn

The only people who like this are really horny people.

Excuse me but I'm not a pervert - simpsondude

10 Anime

The Contenders

11 Comedy
12 Superhero
13 Drama
14 Adventure
15 Thriller
16 Western
17 Southern Gothic
18 Slasher
19 Science Fantasy
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