Greatest Movie Masks of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Darth Vader’s Mask (Star Wars)

And this should be the best. - RW700

Iconic. - Misfire

2 Batman’s Cowl (Batman)
3 Jason Voorhees’ Hockey Mask (Friday the 13th)
4 Guy Fawkes Mask (V for Vendetta)
5 Zorro’s Mask (Zorro)

This isn't my favorite, but I vote it because is memorable at least. - RW700

6 Hannibal Lecter's Muzzle (The Silence of the Lambs)
7 Ghostface (Scream)
8 Masquerade Mask (Eyes Wide Shut)

Disturbing and scary. - Tia-Harribel

9 Mask (The Mask)
10 Predator’s Mask (Predator)

The Contenders

11 Catwoman's Mask (Batman Returns)
12 Iron Man’s Helmet (Iron Man)
13 Maxiumus’ Helmet (Gladiator)
14 Big Momma's Disguise Mask (Big Momma’s House)
15 Deadpool's Mask (Deadpool)
16 Erik's Mask (The Phantom of the Opera)
17 Spider-Man’s Mask (Spider-Man)
18 Death Mask (Saw II)
19 Leatherface’s Mask (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
20 Dr. Doom’s Mask (The Fantastic Four)
21 Machine’s Mask (8mm)
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