Top 10 Best Movie Prostitutes

The Top Ten
1 Lynn Bracken (L.A. Confidential)
2 Vivian Ward (Pretty Woman)
3 Iris Steensma (Taxi Driver)
4 Lana (Risky Business)
5 Alabama Whitman (True Romance)
6 Gail (Sin City)
7 Sera (Leaving Las Vegas)
8 Séverine Serizy (Belle de Jour) Séverine Serizy (Belle de Jour) Product Image
9 Jade (The Hangover)
10 Satine (Moulin Rouge!)
The Contenders
11 Ophelia (Trading Places)
12 Julian Kaye (American Gigolo)
13 Donna Quintano (Shoot 'Em Up)
14 Linda Ash (Mighty Aphrodite)
15 Malena (Malena)
16 Chloe Sweeney (Chloe)
17 Marion Silver (Requiem for a Dream)
18 McKenna (Afternoon Delight)
19 Sam Horton (The Client List)
20 Tina (Very Bad Things)
21 Halley (The Florida Project)
22 Leslie Whitehead (Gardens of the Night)
23 China Blue (Crimes of Passion)
24 Violet (Pretty Baby)
25 Luenell (Borat)
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