Best Movie Quotes of 2013

Best (or most dramatic) quotes or lines from a movie that came out in 2013.

The Top Ten

1 You know how I can tell? It's because we're connected. (Iron man 3)
2 So, shall we begin? (Star Trek Into Darkness)
3 -Why do I smell Baby-oil? -You keep running that pie-hole, you'll be smellin' an a**-kickin' (Fast and Furious 6)
4 I love cocaine! (Hangover Part III)
5 On-the-line (The Internship)
6 Something very wrong with that horse (The Lone Ranger)
7 Hermione just stole all our sh*t (This is the End)
8 You can save her... You can save all of them (Man of Steel)

Best movie man, special. well done

9 Cancelling the apocalypse (Pacific Rim)
10 Hmm... Which is what happens, Dads leave, no need to be a p**** about it, now here's what I need... (Iron Man 3)

The Contenders

11 Old sport (The Great Gatsby)
12 F*** you, Sally. (Oblivion)
13 We're going to see this through to the bitter end. Or... lager end. (The World's End)
14 Horse definitely stupid (The Lone Ranger)
15 Some people call me a terrorist, but I consider myself a teacher. (Iron Man 3)
16 If she was alive today she'd be on the Jeremy Kyle Show. (Sunshine on Leith)
17 You make bird angry (The Lone Ranger)
18 All these years, I think you are wendigo, but no, you are just another white man. (The Lone Ranger)
19 Mary Queen of Scots, born 1542, died 1587. Her third husband murdered her second husband, her cousin tried her for treason and her son stole her throne. (Sunshine on Leith)

Harry the curator of the National Art gallery explaining to Jean Henshaw, whose family was falling apart that these events weren't her fault.

20 The thing with tequila, it's not what you forget, it's what you remember. (Sunshine on Leith)
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