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1 Bugs Life vs Ants

Dreamworks just had the habit of taking Disney films and just making uglier and more unpleasant versions of them, Ex. Small Soldiers was the uglified version of Toy Story, Antz was the uglified version of Bugs Life and Shark Tale while not copying the same plot seemed like the uglified version of Finding Nemo, and unlike Disney where throughout the movie you're happy and entertained, during these movies you feel uncomfortable and disturbed. At least now Dreamworks has redeemed them selfs with all the great movies they've been making, while Disney is starting to get their respect back by making films like Frozen and Big Hero 6. At least they're in good spots now

I have loved Bug's Life since I was a little kid. It has to be one of my favorite Pixar films of all time. I watched Antz when I was still young but did not enjoy. Antz tried to make a "mature" version by adding references that, even though weren't inappropriate or something that only adults would understand, were something many would not enjoy. - FirearmsKill

I remember growing up and watching Bug's Life. And I pretty much enjoyed it. And then comes along Ants, A movie by Dreamworks. A movie I didn't pretty much enjoy, I think Bug's Life by Disney and Pixar are better. So Bug's Life wins. - Mumbizz01

2 The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale
3 Toy Story vs The Christmas Toy
4 E.T. vs The Alien V 1 Comment
5 Point Break vs the Fast and the Furious
6 Deep Impact vs Armageddon
7 Dante's Peak vs Volcano
8 Paul Blart: Mall Cop vs Observe and Report
9 Mission to Mars vs Red Planet
10 The Truman Show vs EdTV

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11 The Hunger Games vs Divergent

I swear to God divergent ripped off hunger games. It has a very similar plot! - ruJILLous

12 Frozen vs. X-Men series

Ohh heck no

13 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes vs. The Lion King
14 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes vs. The Lion King II

DOTFPOFTA also shares elements with The Lion King's sequel. For example, two opposing worlds coming across together for the first time. Humans are like Simba's pride, and apes are like Scar's. In the end, they have a battle and one dude falls off an edge.

15 Jack and Jill vs. Glen and Glenda
16 The Nut Job vs Over The Hedge
17 Planes vs Cars
18 Terminator vs. RoboCop
19 Ratatouille vs Ratatoing
20 The Disney Princess movies vs Little Princess School
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1. Bugs Life vs Ants
2. The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale
3. Toy Story vs The Christmas Toy



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