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1 The Incredibles 2

How could this movie not get a sequel? As a superhero movie its just as good as The Dark Knight and The Avengers. As an Pixar movie its just as good a Toy Story & Finding Nemo. If Fantastic Four could get a sequel then Incredibles should get at least a trilogy.

This is the PERFECT Pixar film to make a sequel for. Why Pixar is making Monsters Inc. 2 and not this is a crime (common Monsters Inc. ended perfectly and Incredibles had a cliff hanger)!

This is the sequel that pixar needs! Nemo, Cars and Monsters Inc never needed sequels all there questions were answered in the first film. The Incredibles however needs a sequel. Come on Pixar just do it!

I totally agree it would be interesting and I would want to see it - Ajkloth

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2 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2
3 Jurassic Park 4

Jurassic park movies are classics but the first one will always be the best but I wouldn't mind a Jurassic Park 4 or more - Sabbath

They were making one it was supposed to be released late 2008 but was cancelled Idk why - roblist

can't leave jurassic park like that

Love the 3rd one a 4th would be good - dragon13304

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4 Alien 5

if it's not made by the avp guys

5 Halloween 9
6 X-Men 4
7 The Evil Dead 4: The Mid-Eval Dead Return

Sam Raimi needs to stop with the Spiderman series and get to work on another Evil Dead! They should also keep the name I just came up for it. - the-dude-2000

An Evil Dead 4 would be awesome! But I think they should ditch that title. - InsertNameHere

8 Hellboy III

Pacific Rim is nearing. Maybe Guillermo Del Toro can make part 3 a reality. - Hernandez1614

9 Freddy vs Jason II
10 Se7en 2

The title should be Ei8ht - Jackamalio

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11 Austin Powers 4
12 The Matrix 4

No reason to sequel but reboot would be amazing

13 Zombieland 2

I wish for this all the time

14 Robocop 4
15 Predator 3

Predator in Antartica, terrorizing eskimos, destroyng igloos, and freezing sledders alive laugh out loud

16 Daredevil 2
17 Scream 4
18 Spawn 2
19 Copycat 2
20 The Goonies 2
21 The Shadow 2
22 Final Destination 6
23 28 Months Later
24 Relic 2
25 Hannibal 4

after the trilogy "The silence of the lamps", "Red Dragon", and "Hannibal" I would love to see a Sequel - BigZ

26 Machete Returns
27 The Faculty 2
28 Demolition Man 2
29 Spiderman 4
30 Jason Bourne Next
31 28 Years Later
32 Mission Impossible 5
33 Mimic 4
34 Heartbreakers 2
35 Scream 5

They can't. Wes Craven the director is dead

36 Home Alone 6

Honestly not a good idea where it went downhill after the 2 - Bubblepopqueen

37 Blade 4
38 Master and Commander 2
39 Daylight 2
40 Phone Booth 2

Something like, maybe, the same dude (sniper) really scares the victim and like takes his family and ruins his life or something. I don't know, something along those lines@ - Mushroom99

I didn't expect to are this but the first one was one of my top 10 favorite movies because it's something that could really happen - Sabbath

41 Pirates of the Caribbean 5

I don't want pirates of the carribean movies to be a "oh pirates of carribean movies are old and boring"because it's my favorite movie series.

42 How to Train Your Dragon 2

I want to see this movie SO BADLY! Still 11 months to go, I'm just going to watch How To Train Your Dragon repeatedly until this comes out.

It so cool and do you now there making despicable me 2 and the all ready have the poster and trailer.

This is out already - Sparkjolt

43 Tucker and Dale vs More Evil
44 Constantine 2
45 I Am Legend 2
46 The Simpsons Movie 2

I don't know the simpsons are starting to suck. Maybe do a second movie and a couple more seasons and the director can have a trillion dollar retirement.

47 Independence Day
48 The A-Team
49 Inside Out 2

My favorite movie. Hope it gets a sequel.

Why is this so low it will be such a good idea

50 Just My Luck 2
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