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1 The Incredibles 2

How could this movie not get a sequel? As a superhero movie its just as good as The Dark Knight and The Avengers. As an Pixar movie its just as good a Toy Story & Finding Nemo. If Fantastic Four could get a sequel then Incredibles should get at least a trilogy.

This is the PERFECT Pixar film to make a sequel for. Why Pixar is making Monsters Inc. 2 and not this is a crime (common Monsters Inc. ended perfectly and Incredibles had a cliff hanger)!

This is the sequel that pixar needs! Nemo, Cars and Monsters Inc never needed sequels all there questions were answered in the first film. The Incredibles however needs a sequel. Come on Pixar just do it!

This is happening next year! - Gangem

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2 Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2
3 Jurassic Park 4

Jurassic park movies are classics but the first one will always be the best but I wouldn't mind a Jurassic Park 4 or more - Sabbath

They were making one it was supposed to be released late 2008 but was cancelled Idk why - roblist

can't leave jurassic park like that

It's called jurrasic world and it is now released - cadespencer

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4 Alien 5

if it's not made by the avp guys

5 Halloween 9
6 X-Men 4
7 The Evil Dead 4: The Mid-Eval Dead Return

Sam Raimi needs to stop with the Spiderman series and get to work on another Evil Dead! They should also keep the name I just came up for it. - the-dude-2000

An Evil Dead 4 would be awesome! But I think they should ditch that title. - InsertNameHere

8 Hellboy III

Pacific Rim is nearing. Maybe Guillermo Del Toro can make part 3 a reality. - Hernandez1614

9 Freddy vs Jason II
10 Se7en 2

The title should be Ei8ht - Jackamalio

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11 Austin Powers 4
12 The Matrix 4

No reason to sequel but reboot would be amazing

13 Zombieland 2

I wish for this all the time

14 Robocop 4
15 Predator 3

Predator in Antartica, terrorizing eskimos, destroyng igloos, and freezing sledders alive laugh out loud

16 Daredevil 2
17 Scream 4
18 Spawn 2
19 Copycat 2
20 The Goonies 2
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1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2
2. Hellboy III
3. Jurassic Park 4
1. Alien 5
2. Robocop 4
3. Copycat 2
1. The Goonies 2
2. Independence Day
3. The A-Team

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