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41 Pirates of the Caribbean 5

I don't want pirates of the carribean movies to be a "oh pirates of carribean movies are old and boring"because it's my favorite movie series.

42 How to Train Your Dragon 2

I want to see this movie SO BADLY! Still 11 months to go, I'm just going to watch How To Train Your Dragon repeatedly until this comes out.

It so cool and do you now there making despicable me 2 and the all ready have the poster and trailer.

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43 Tucker and Dale vs More Evil
44 Constantine 2
45 I Am Legend 2
46 The Simpsons Movie 2

I don't know the simpsons are starting to suck. Maybe do a second movie and a couple more seasons and the director can have a trillion dollar retirement.

47 Independence Day
48 The A-Team
49 Just My Luck 2
50 Evita 2
51 Mall Cop 2
52 The Spongebob Squarepants Movie 2

It's out. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

53 Monsters Inc. 2

Its already out! Monsters University, it's good.

54 The Iron Giant 2
55 Back to the Future Part IV
56 The Little Mermaid 4
57 Song of the South 2

I think it will be good idea if Disney make a sequel to Song of the South. I want to see Br'er Rabbit and his friends again. It look like some fans agreed with me :). - Nectaria

58 Iron Man 4
59 Freddy Got Fingered Twice

No - Gangem

60 Inside Out 2

Why is this so low it will be such a good idea

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