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101 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2

It could be called charlie in the choclate factory-return to the choclate factory.
If they make it I well not be worried because johnny depp is my favorite actor he act in almost all my favorite movies pirates of the carribean series, charlie in the choclate factory.

102 Puss In Boots 2

Puss in boots is my favorite animated movie so I well not be worried.

103 The Cat In the Hat 2
104 Evil Dead 2
105 Man of Steel 3: Doomsday

I think doomsday would be pretty amazing, people love giant strong villians or heros: like hulk, the original bane, and doomsday!

106 Pacific Rim 2

I loved the first one and I would love the second but it would be a terrible plot

107 The Dark Knight 3
108 G.I. Joe 3

I think since cobra was going to blow up the world last time, I think they should try to melt the polar icecaps, flooding the world resulting in mayham

109 Now You See Me 2

This I have no plot for but would be great

110 Green Hornet 2 V 1 Comment
111 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2

The best witch hunters around

112 Spring Breakers 2
113 Madagascar 4
114 Oldboy
115 Don
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