Top 10 Movie Series That Went On Way Too Long


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21 Paranormal Activity
22 Psycho
23 The Hobbit

Why did they need three movies to tell a story shorter than all of the Lord of The Rings books but the movie adaptation of Lord of The Rings only has one movie per book. That's never made sense. - Anonymousxcxc

Feature films are generally made to make money. This one made quite a bit. It's business. They made a lot of dollars and sense. - Billyv

24 The Fast and the Furious
25 The Swan Princess

Whoever thought that giving this movie SIX sequels was a good idea needs to fired immediately! Especially the CGI movies where Odette doesn't even turn into a swan at all except for near the end of The Swan Princess Christmas and the main character is now Odette's and Derek's adopted daughter Elise (no not the Elise/Elize from Tales of Xillia, but an more annoying Elise). - PerfectImpulseX

26 Twilight
27 Puppet Master
28 Marley & Me

I thought this only had about two movies, a one that took chronologically before this, and the current one that took place after? - Swellow

29 Madagascar V 1 Comment
30 Scooby-Doo
31 Halloween
32 Herbie (The Love Bug)
33 American Ninja
34 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Just heard they're coming out with another one next year. Ho boy.

35 Leprechaun
36 Rambo
37 Pirates of the Caribbean
38 Beethoven
39 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
40 Child's Play
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