Top 10 Movie Series That Went On Way Too Long


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21 Star Trek
22 The Pink Panther

Even the amazing Peter Sellers has been caught up in horrible sequels, one of them even made with unused footage after his death! As for the Steve Martin films, well, I'm not going to talk ill of Steve Martin, so I'll just keep quiet. - higgsboson2142

23 Shrek

All of the sequel suck, The first one is the only one worth watching

2 was very good. Didn't really dig the other 3. - Jackamalio

Is good, yes - GrapeJuiceK

No! All of the sequels were great! in my opinion, the movies got better as they went.

24 Alvin And The Chipmunks

I saw that this series was BS after 10 minutes through the first one

25 The Fast and the Furious
26 Fred: The Movie

I hate this trilogy with a burning passion. Bathroom humor and an extremely infantile protagonist that is infamously ear-bleeding, really?! Nickelodeon seriously needs to go bankrupt, but sometimes Nickelodeon actually screws up as horribly as Dingo Pictures (meaning it's the cancer of the movie industry). Since I just said this is a trilogy, I can't say that it's gone as (too) long as Air Bud, The Land Before Time, Norm of the North and Alpha & Omega (which, like Norm of the North, is made by the same makers of this franchise).

27 Pokemon
28 The Hobbit

Why did they need three movies to tell a story shorter than all of the Lord of The Rings books but the movie adaptation of Lord of The Rings only has one movie per book. That's never made sense. - Anonymousxcxc

Feature films are generally made to make money. This one made quite a bit. It's business. They made a lot of dollars and sense. - Billyv

29 The Little Cars

Since when did mockbuster rip-offs get numerous amounts of sequels? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

30 Puppet Master
31 Kung Fu Panda
32 Marley & Me

I thought this only had about two movies, a one that took chronologically before this, and the current one that took place after? - Swellow

33 Psycho
34 Madagascar

None of them are good. - LarkwingFlight

35 Halloween
36 Herbie (The Love Bug)
37 American Ninja
38 Paranormal Activity
39 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This year they literally came out with yet another one called Leatherface. How many of these are they gonna make?! - Aragorn98

Just heard they're coming out with another one next year. Ho boy.

40 Leprechaun
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