Top 10 Movie Series That Went On Way Too Long

Movie studios have a problem of taking something successful, and milking it as long as they can, sometimes even shaming a once great series' name! Once you make it to straight-to-DVD, you know it's time to stop. And I can't stop you from adding Indiana Jones or Star Wars, but please, be gentle.

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41 Leprechaun
42 Rambo
43 Pirates of the Caribbean
44 Beethoven
45 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
46 Silent Night, Deadly Night
47 National Lampoon

They still keep making these awful things. Only two of them are good. The rest are all just bad! And they don't know when to give up!

48 Benji
49 Scary Movie
50 Tinker Bell

Sooo Boring - micahisthebest

51 Harry Potter
52 The Lord of The Rings

What else did you expect? LOTR was a trilogy so it would make sense to make it into three movies.

53 Toy Story

A trilogy makes sense, but four is a dumb idea. - LarkwingFlight

54 Twilight

It had 5 films so yeah that movie sucked.

55 Divergent
56 Star Wars
57 Hellraiser
58 The Amityville Horror

This isn't like your usual horror film that gets a few sequels. This isn't even the universally known Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. that gets around 7-10 sequels. The Amityville Horror, counting both sequels and remakes, has a total of 17 (soon to be 18 with the new one coming out this year) films! SEVEN-TEEN! First of all, the first Amityville Horror wasn't even good to begin with, it was one of the most dull movie experiences out there, and it becomes more and more dated as time goes by. So why on Earth would this be good enough to land itself multiple sequels?! I think it's about time the Amityville house gets demolished. - nerffan8000

59 Cars
60 Rocky
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