The Lord of the Rings


Come on, nothing could really beat lord of the ring, the costumes where more than just computing and the story has everything a good story needs. The only default I see is frodo, because he is like harry potter: someone who do nothing but take all the glory while all the other around him take the damage (but at least only one guy died for frodo)

"for my point of view", this is the best series ever made, but also "The return of the king" is the best movie ever made, I've seen other wonderful best movies of all the time but this is the best movie-or series-I've ever seen in my whole life:the acting, music, action, direction, pictures and Novel... all are tremendous and epic.. The special epithet of "lord of the rings" compared to the other series, is that the whole series, all the 3 part are combined together with one story, that is to say that the story through the the 3 parts is conserving its stature, the whole sequence is not discrete... I recommend this for those who are try to search for a real series...

There are no words for how great the Lord of the Rings is. Let me just point out a few things. First of all, the first Lord of the Rings movie and the first Harry Potter movie were filmed in the same year, yet the quality of that Harry Potter movie is so much worse than the Fellowship of the Ring. Also, there is no competing with Lord of the Rings, whether in quality, characters, cast, plot, or action. And it's obvious that Harry Potter was influenced by LOTR. Here are some examples. Both have a dark lord, a wise old wizard, an orphaned main protagonist (though it's only mentioned briefly that Frodo's parents are dead). Not to mention the angry willow trees. Fans of the LOTR books will know that in the first book, Merry and Pippin are attacked by the Old Man Willow, only to then be saved by Tom Bombadil. In Harry Potter, there is the infamous Whomping Willow, who tries to kill Harry, Ron, and Hermione on multiple occasions. All in all, I will forever believe that Lord of the Rings is ...more

Lord of the rings is the best of all time why well for me I grow up with The Lord of the rings. The story of The Lord of the rings is well told and no matter how many times I see it I all ways get goosebumps. Harry potter is an okay series but its not a series I would love or like there's no parts in the Harry potter movies that are cool and heroic as The Lord of the rings for me Harry potter is crap if you tell any one that you like or talk about it they just not care or just not want to be around you as for The Lord of the rings if you tell some one about like in the two towers when the wall blow up people are going to want to see more and buy the movies. Star wars is a good series but just not as good as The Lord of the rings

Lord of the rings is absolutely amazing. It's an adventure that beckons your spirit filled with comradery that pulls at your heart strings. First there's all of the action always keeping you excited, then there's all of the humor and wit between the characters and finally the overall theme of fellowship overcoming every trial against all odds. It's one epic story from start to finish that makes you wanna get out of the house and follow Gandalf on your own adventure.

I totally think Lord of the Rings should be number 1. Lord of the Rings is absolutely one of the best movie series of all time. There is an unbeatable cast of characters in these movies that if it were changed these movies would not be the same. They are some of my favorite movies of all time, and some of the best-selling movies of all time. This is a fantastic series.
One of my favorite aspects is the costumes. I can't get over how amazing the costumes were. THe special effects were incredible as well. Thank you Peter Jackson and crew as well as all the fantastic authors for making such an amazing movie series.

What movie franchise out there has the greatest story, characters, battles, graphics, and world, as well as over tens of academy awards and nominations. Not only did the Return of the King received more Oscars than any movie ever made, but it inspired authors such as the likes of George Lucas to try making their movies as well done graphically and technically as Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter is nowhere even near as good as the Lord of the Rings series in any aspects. Not even the actors as as good in Harry Potter considering that the main cast of Harry Potter was pretty good. In Lord of the Rings, you have the likes of Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, and Sean Bean playing roles. If there is any movie series out there that surpasses good in any reason. Even the worst aspects of Lotr are above very good. I think that Lotr is truly the most well done movie series in the world.

Today Peter Jackson finished filming the Hobbit after 15 years. There is certainly nothing wrong with Star Wars, but the original plot was pretty simplistic. Harry Potter is a great tale, but still in a different league as LOTR. The sad fact is, with bigger movies having trouble being profitable, we probably will not see a project with the scope of LOTR in our lifetimes and every again. LOTR is the best of the best.

Just watch the extended cut and this isn't even a discussion. Harry Potter is the story of an untalented, immature boy that gets a lot of help from much more talented people. Star Wars was written after he was already filming and creating sets and characters for God's sake! Lord of the Rings is a truly epic, incredible story and the movies actually managed to live up to the astounding standard set by the books.

One of the best movie series ever. Everything was absolutely stunning and perfect, in terms of directing, writing, acting, special effects, music, story telling, costume design, everything was top notch. And though some other series may be more popular in terms of fandom size, I can guarantee you, that you will not find as flawless a series as this one.

Just looking purely at critical acclaim, Lotr deserves to be above Harry potter, and the Harry potter series really isn't anywhere near the same level of movie. In total, The Lord of the rings series (3 movies) won 18 academy awards, averaging six per film, and the most by any series of movies. The Harry potter series (8 movies), on the other hand, was only nominated for 8 acadamy awards in total, and never won a single one. All in all, lord of the rings doesn't just beat Harry potter, but blows it out of the water.

In Harry Potter (third best movie series after LOTR and Matrix) English actors seem to stop, remember their dialogue and deliver them without feelings (it has happened in many scenes). Harry Potter movie is just a brief overview of the book(second best after HHGTG), but LOTR is best in terms of the flow of actors and the needed effects.

The Lord of the Ring is really the best movie series ever and the book series was the second best of all time. The opposite goes for Harry Potter Harry Potter was the best selling book series and second best selling movie series of all time but over all The Lord of the Ring was the best selling and rated so yea go Gandalf Power.

The Lord of the Ring are without a doubt the best series of films ever. By the time you reach the end of the first film you can become extremely attached to the characters. The acting is brilliant and it is extremely well made. The acting in Harry Potter is shocking especially in the earlier films. - BigTrenna

Lord of the rings is better directed than the others it was also based on one of the most read books ever and the people who worked on the movies had a ton of pressure to not screw up this film saga also there are no weak films in the whole saga not to mention 11 academy awards for one film and 17 for the saga is needless to say amazing LOTR by FAR trumps all other films and in my opinion is the greatest movie saga of al time no question or competition

i just love the storyline and whoever thinks that harry potter belongs in this list is an idiot, you should have read the books before you watched the movies... only then will you understand why a lot of people don't even think about watching it :P

Not trying to be mean and offending, but personally I think Harry potter is too focused onto creating the atmosphere and tension, but then it sorta ended up being not a big deal at all. But LOTR did build up very much tension through the trilogy and most importantly, there is really a battle and it really is a big deal. Lots of actions, fighting scenes which are skillfully made. The actors, music, scenes, or even CGIs are all unbeatable, absolutely perfect and flawless. Definitely masterpiece, the best movie of all times, totally worth #1.

The wonderful story of a simple hobbit of the shire taking on a huge quest and bringing peace to middle earth is, in my opinion, a much better, heart warming story than harry potter. Both are fantastic films and novels, but I think lord of the rings has the edge

Each of these is a successful movie to be remembered, and has the best rate of good consistency. Are any of them the best movies ever? You could say so, but there are plenty of arguments to disagree. But this is the best series, no doubt.

Why would you want to watch a movie about a British kid going to a wizard school and being the "chosen one" it is too cliched. The Lord of the Rings is the best movie series ever with The Hobbit very close.

The Lord of the Rings is addictive, motivating, and bonding, whereas Harry Potter and Star Wars are not. Harry Potter is great if you want to "grow up with Harry", but once you hit about 25 years old, most adults aren't as interested. Same goes for Star Wars, except most people lose interest in their teens. LOTR is great till the day you die... and you can't resist that music!

I personally feel that this was THE best film series to ever hit theatres. It deserves more praise. Along with Tolkien's genius and Jackson's genius, the sheer amount of substance and depth displayed cannot, and maybe will not, be seen again. (Excluding The Hobbit- those were pretty fantastic as well). For this reason, I don't understand why the LOTR trilogy doesn't hold top spot. Harry Potter and Star Wars are pretty impressive but will NEVER EVER reach the level of awesomeness that the LOTR trilogy holds.

Ignoring the Hobbit movies. This trilogy followed the book to the letter, and still managed to be awesome. And unlike The harry Potter movies it's quality and enjoyment factor stayed consistent throughout. I find most of it's graphics more realistic than modern movies graphics, including avatar. The only thing this is missing is Tom Bombadil :(

The Lord of the Rings is perhaps the greatest myth of the Western society, just after the myth of Christ, and the movies seem to have captured it all. I cannot stop watching it again and again and again...

Come on guys we all know lot of the rings has a better Story and graphics. Please don't hate because I also love the harry Potter series but it doesn't come to the Lord of the rings series