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21 Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is one of the most well written books in history and actually had a decent formula. The movie had somewhat crappy effects here and there but the stroy was good and it's the highest grossing fil ever. Good job speilberg.

I love all 4 movies so much! Sometimes I go on marathons and watch them all in one day...I know how nerdy that is, but I don't care, I just love them so much. And I think it's gotta mean something if it has CGI that still holds up to this day and age, and even looks better than some other recent movies out there...amazing - Co0lk1d25

The Jurassic Park series is one of the best movie series I have ever seen. They need to make a 4th edtion! I can't wait until they all come together after all these years to make another movie! JP4 - 2013!

Though The Lost World and Jurassic Park III were not very good, Jurassic World was good, and Jurassic Park (the original) is so outstanding that it could be considered in the top ten film series of all time.

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22 Scream

I definitely love scream! It's intense and shocking and there is a new mystery every movie. I don't know if the show is good but I will definitely watch it. - Averiy

Best series ever.. Its so intense and surprising

One of the funniest films ever, no need to scare, just good to laugh

I love scream ist so fraking good, and you just know that some people are dying. I just LOVE Noah seri. he love killers and is obssesed whit Brandon James

23 Iron Man

The Iron Man movie series is absolutely brilliant! The humour is hilarious, it never gets old! The action is perfect as not too overtop, even for Tony. The casting is also perfect. Gwyneth makes a brilliant Pepper, Rhodes is great and Happy Hogan is fantastic. But most importantly Robert Downey Jr makes the whole series worth it, there is no other way to put it; he is Iron Man. The trilogy is definitely a must-see. Iron Man is one of those RARE series that doesn't get worse each new addition to the series. Each movie ties in with the previous, never disappointing viewers and giving that very rare sense of continuity that is essential in a movie series. The Iron Man movie series is beautifully action-filled, hilarious to give it that lighthearted feel and perfectly casted. A definite must-see.

Iron Man 2 is my favourite movie of all time and even though it doesn't follow the same plot as the Comic books, the movie trilogy was absolutely brilliant and I watch it over and over again

This series is so intense and I absolutely LOVE IT! I never get bored while watching it and I highly recommend this series to watch. To be honest the third one is my favorite. There is so much action it this. And Iron Man/Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. Is also in The Avengers. AND I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO GET STARTED ON THAT MOVIE! IT'S AWESOME.

Probably one of the best in Marvel universe

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24 Alien

Great movies really liked it. I voted this because it deserves better. But I think Star Wars is the greatest movie franchise ever. Still this series kick ass you should see it!

The reason the alien franchise is so great is because it created a different tone with each movie. With the first, it was a suspenseful horror film. The second created an epic action film. The third made depressing prison drama. The fourth was just a popcorn film and nothing more.

I adore all 4 films. They should make Alien 5! Great series - siril991

I just finished watching all six films - Prometheus to Alien Resurrection.

Just facinating now that the mystery is solved of where they came from when you see part one and two of Prometheus: Prom + Cov.

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25 Batman

The only movies that planned unrelated sequels, the only way to do it without directors making the sequel a cheap knock-off, like the Star Wars prequels. - HonestKeil17

With the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises out, the Batman series is so different and dark from other superhero movies and actually has a great story with twists! Definitely deserves to be higher.

All I have to say is "Why so serious? " and why the hell is this number 2? Oh well, The Dark Knight Rises will probably show Chris Nolan's greatnes.

Batman doesn't kill people.

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26 Die Hard

Come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs... Classic! Die Hard 2 is the best! The Villans are amazing too. The gruber Brothers... And that Army Ranger Dude... Plus the dad from Good Times!

Full of raw Bruce Willis action.

You guys kidding this is the best series ever made true journey of A man who don't wanna die simple AWESOME AND YOU ARE PUTTING IT BELOW TWILIGHT SAGA what GUYS U ALL SUCK VAMPIRES

I love this movie

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27 Star Trek

How is so much down the order...? Vote for it please...! This is the best series I have ever seen the likes of spock kirk and sulu make it delightful...!

Star Trek is the Best thing that ever happened in my life. Live long and Prosper

It's okay to love Star Trek and Star Wars. They both have great characters and moments. Although they are very different types of movies, they are both wonderful franchises.

Really awesome movie,i lobe this movie such a

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28 Twilight Saga

Dumb movies with no good parts. Just a girl named Bella deciding if she wants to be with a vampire or a werewolf. She almost kills herself to get the vampire's attention. Not even joking. The werewolf imprints on her kid and the vampire watches her when she sleeps. Why is this girl so special that this vampire and werewolf would start a race war against each other to have her? - VicarSlayer23

Classic, cheesy, dramatic and awe-inspiring chick flick that I'll never get over. It's a love-hate relationship. When the series first began I didn't like it very much because of how cheesy it was, but it really is intriguing and that's what I love about it. Also, the movies and acting gets better as you go along from the first movie to the last. If you've been a loyal follower of the saga, waited for each movie to hit the box office (it was a big deal! ) then you know the value of it. Cringy to some people but nevertheless a movie that makes you disappear into another world by your imagination and emotions, which is something I prefer over a series like Star Wars, where it's just pure action and no emotion. If you're a day dreamer you'll love this.

This movie is the best! It is heart warming and so enjoyable to watch, it makes you feel like you are part of the story throughout the journey. I recommend this movie series to everyone, it is absolute incredible. Great filming, dialogue, and everything you need to have a great movie. There is romance so watch, how old the children you are showing the movie to, I recommend 10 and older. But that is just a recommendation. I LOVE this movie series so much.


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29 The Hobbit

39? , seriously. this deserve the first place. check out the box office. "iron man" doesn't deserve at the 39 please guy. do you guys got sense of humor?

A really amazing movie

I would consider this and the Lord of the rings the same series

29th? U mad? Bloody transformers is beating this awesome series! AND TWILIGHT?! kill me please

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30 Home Alone

Beucase it's the best of all its funny, and it's so epic to find a kid whose kinda smart to protect their house

I loved the kid so protective and entertaining adorable young boy

Best movie so funny I love it the best movie - simpsondude

It is one of the best movies I've ever watched

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31 Scary Movie

The best comedy if you are a horror fan. - kkkppp

Amazing film - great references, know exactly when to throw jokes in - love it

32 Saw

An amazing, well thought out movie series that captivated me and kept me on my feet waiting for the next movie. All the movies came out so close together compared to other movie series making it easier to remember the first. Evan though it had seven movies all the movies truly made you want to keep watching (without the cheap trick that the walking dead T.V. series uses to get people to watch the next one... Most people might think the movie is just about someone killing other people for fun, but its much more and incredibly hard to explain..

The saw series is great.. It will make you think of what is going to happen next and the story is very interesting and exciting..

Harry potter at 1 that's made up for teens and girls.. No offense to anyone who watches Harry potter... I'm not saying rank saw higher but just watch for its story.. I literally clapped after watching the last part...
Maybe people don't watch because of its blood and gore stuff
.. But just watch the first part.. It's ending is the main... Don't let anyone tell you tell you what happens in the end... Just watch it... And when you're done.. You will say man that was one hell of a movie

I can't believe it's this far down! I'm a huge Saw fan. I've seem all seven movies and all of them were great. - Catlover2004

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33 Ocean's 11, 12, 13

The ocean's series at no 32! Are you kidding me? And the twilight series at 11? Now you've really got to be kidding me! Oceans should be at least in the top 20 if not the top 10... With a huge star cast of really talented actors and an amazing plot every time it has to be in the top 10..

Keeps you guessing at every turn you never know what is going to happen. It also has a multitude of top notch actors.

Just watched this again. It could be better but the twists the movie gives is great and I recommend this


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34 Underworld

Underworld is absolutely amazing, no other movies are like this, tell me one? , Celeste is an awesome character and Michael a hybrid, come on should I say more?. There still going strong ad there making another one can't wait to see it

I think this should be on top 10. This series is way more better than those on the top spots, come on, guys!

Really! Only 34. Hell no! FIRST all the way. Must watch!


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35 Rambo

This was my first rated R movie ever and I was the happiest little kid the next day just bragging to my friends "I saw Rambo"

Truly an epic series. First Blood (the first part) is one of my favorite movies of all times. Granted Rambo 4 was bad, but the other movies more than made up for it.

First blood is an American classic. The rest however, not so much.

36 Superman

Amazing one and two series. Three is a very funny movie.

I love his abilities

I do not like any of the superman movies, and Batman v Superman ruined my fan made of Batman, but he's still great though.

37 Shrek

Shrek is my favorite Animated movie series mainly because of the time period it is set in, the humor and jokes that take place, and the heartbreaking meaning of love it portrays. The cast is pretty good, (Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz) as well as the music.

Shrek is so timeless. I was born in the luckiest generation, because I was fortunate enough to grow up with Shrek, seeing them in theaters.

The first one was really good. The second one had parts of it that were good. The third one was bad and the fourth one was even was even worse

All great.

38 Godzilla

Also 60 years that's long - SOUTHPARKFANHH

Come on, giant mosters fighting in cities. Many o it's movies are very deep and comples, also, some other are very ridiculous and funny!
It may not have the best effects, but they are awesome.

39 Final Destination

I love the Final destination seires, actually number 4 was the first horror movie I ever saw. They should really be higher up!

Chilling to the very limit because its deaths are quite plausible

It's really good plus it has surprising twist, this is definitely a must ser


40 The Lion King

Okay okay why the heck is Twilight above The Lion King? I know that it's just opinion but seriously?! Just why? - Anonymousxcxc

Its fantastic, I can't stop seeing it

The lion king is awesome

Lion king and lion king 2 are awesome but lion king 1 1/2 was horrible

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