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61 Despicable Me

This is the best series ever! It is funny, heart warming and minions!

Gru is awesome so are all the characters how can this not be higher

Love minions I just love them

62 Twilight Saga

Dumb movies with no good parts. Just a girl named Bella deciding if she wants to be with a vampire or a werewolf. She almost kills herself to get the vampire's attention. Not even joking. The werewolf imprints on her kid and the vampire watches her when she sleeps. Why is this girl so special that this vampire and werewolf would start a race war against each other to have her? - VicarSlayer23

Classic, cheesy, dramatic and awe-inspiring chick flick that I'll never get over. It's a love-hate relationship. When the series first began I didn't like it very much because of how cheesy it was, but it really is intriguing and that's what I love about it. Also, the movies and acting gets better as you go along from the first movie to the last. If you've been a loyal follower of the saga, waited for each movie to hit the box office (it was a big deal! ) then you know the value of it. Cringy to some people but nevertheless a movie that makes you disappear into another world by your imagination and emotions, which is something I prefer over a series like Star Wars, where it's just pure action and no emotion. If you're a day dreamer you'll love this.

This movie is the best! It is heart warming and so enjoyable to watch, it makes you feel like you are part of the story throughout the journey. I recommend this movie series to everyone, it is absolute incredible. Great filming, dialogue, and everything you need to have a great movie. There is romance so watch, how old the children you are showing the movie to, I recommend 10 and older. But that is just a recommendation. I LOVE this movie series so much.


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63 The Naked Gun
64 Predator

This franchise should have been one of the best, but, someone can't seem to get a good break. Director? Producer? , who knows!

65 The Before Trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight)

Love this "series" with each movie filmed a decade apart with same lead actors. Hope they make a 4th.

If you're finding true love, then don't!

The most realistic romantic story.The films is felt like a poetry and propose the conversation of love.

66 Monsters, Inc.


67 Spider Man
68 Jackass


69 Dabangg

Laugh out loud m even surprised it made it to this list... Fight scenes in the first one copied from the transporter 1

Worst Movie of all Time!

Never ever... Ever ever try to watch it

Best movie... Should be at number 1

70 Hellboy

Can't wait for part three. Two very well made films.

There won't be a part three...damn it all to hell!

71 National Treasure

This movie series is really thoughtful because it has a lot of well-thought out scenes in the action bits. I mean, the Declaration of Independence? Genius! So please vote for this movie series because it is AWESOME!

This movie simply gives man much to think about based on what a nation could possess yet let their natives go dry

Deserve high

Nicholas Cage, need I say more 😏

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72 When a Stranger Calls

Love love love


73 Bahubali

Super Movie.

Waiting for 2nd part

Best Indian movie

Great movie

The great indian muvie

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74 Taken

Just finished watching the first movie. I am now throughly convinced that Liam Neeson is the best actor of all time! Awesome movie going right into the next one.

If you're watching this, know this, I'm looking for you, I will find you and have a great day

I like liam neeson style of acting... Also it was nice story

Solid. What every series needs. An ending.

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75 Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball z is the best Ever Japanese Anime series having lots of adventure in it. Even after 30 years it has been loved by people of Dragon ball Universe.

I love the series!

76 The Transporter

All are excellent and fantastic action scene

Very rough and tough actor with full of dignity and pride...i like so much

Jason S. Enough said

Great films

77 Riddick

This show is awesome my favorite is the second, which most people don't really go for but it was the first one I watched. I didn't know it was more thriller than action then.

Love the character and the universe. Little hard to watch part three after waiting nine years for a side story.

Vin Diesel is all you need to know... Riddick is the the absolute last guy you want coming for you.

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78 How to Train Your Dragon

How in the hell is this not higher up on the list?! Greatest animated franchise of all time!

This needs to be higher on the list. It sure as hell beats out Madagascar.

Absolutely amazing films. Definitely should be higher on the list!

Best animated movie ever

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79 Cars

Cars 1 and Cars 3 are classics!

It's the best ever.

80 300

The best epic ever

It is best real story war moie duology

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