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121 Police Academy V 1 Comment
122 Resident Evil

By far deserves the number one spot, the best movie series there is to watch! I bet people think it's going to be rubbish because of the title, however its nothing like the games, once you watch the first two, you will be grieving follow the sequels

Holy crap! This movie franchise isn't like some other horrible zombie movies. Usually I can't watch anything with guts and gore in it but this is so good that I couldn't stop watching it.

This series while not a set of horror films had enough action and suspense to be some great action films.


V 18 Comments
123 The Hangover

Great set of movies. Little mouthy though.

124 The Mummy

Two was a little thin but super fun adventure movies.

It is acool movie but it is full of mysteries and ancient stories.

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125 The Vampire Diaries

Vampire diaries is awesome and I was expecting it to top off the chart because it has a lot of suspense and love and fiction and sibling rivalry and it is awesome

Umm... Why is this even here? I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, but it's a show, not a movie series...

What the hell is going on? This isn't even a movie people!

Give it a chance! You won't be disappointed!

V 4 Comments
126 Mortal Kombat

Pretty good story, just very old and needs to be redone with better graphics and quality

Need a new movie

127 Marvel's The Avengers

One of the best featuring movies bringing all heroes together

Best superhero team ever - great movie

V 3 Comments
128 Wrong Turn

Best series of horror movies

Loses it after 2... Becomes too predictable

It is horror movie.


129 Night at the Museum

Haven't seen three but one and two are very funny and heart felt.

I loved it and it is really enjoyable

130 Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series

The books are amazing, but the movies are crap.

The movies were terrible but the books are very inspiring... hoping for Rick to make make more movies

Logan Lerman is really good as Percy

The books are so good they also need to make the 3rd movie the Titans Curse.

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131 Alvin and the Chipmunks

One of the most amazing movie av watched, awesome to me at all times

132 Bring It On V 1 Comment
133 Divergent

The best movie in the world never gets boring

Loved the Divergent Series. 131? No way, should be in the top ten.

Best series in the world

This should be on top! What's going on?

V 6 Comments
134 The Amazing Spider-Man

These movies are awful I'm glad it's way down here

No soul. No heart. Just conceited action.

I loved this movie and it should be way higher than this. At least one of the top 20

They are excellent and should be top 10

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135 Jaws

These movies are amazing and so intensed! It is just a great thriller

The Director Steven spielberg positions us as watchers to feel that exhilarating rush when we hear the famous incline of sound on the piano. This Creates us to be on the egde of our seat the whole movie wondering whats going to hapen next.

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