Star Wars


Let me just say one word: amazing. Star Wars is a true star. In fact, Star Wars is not a star, it is the Sun. Actually, Star Wars is the Death Star (get it? ) It blows your mind. This movie was made in 1977, not in the 1990's when effects were everything. Star Wars was made in 1977, and it's effects are even better than some movies today. Indiana Jones and Star Wars give you that feeling when your bottom is on the edge of your seat. There is SO much intensity. Trust me, I watched most of the movies on this list: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Pirates of the Caribbean... and Star Wars STILL blows my mind out of all of these movies. Star Wars is a movie I would beg to be in. I know, some films may NOT be the best, but those films that aren't the best are better than some other movies I watched. Plus, I don't even know what is wrong with the prequels. Star Wars number 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 are all the best.

Although the quality of the Star Wars franchise has definitely gone down since Disney bought it (in my opinion), Star Wars is still the top the list. The original trilogy was absolutely legendary, and have set the pace of sci-fi even today. Iconic characters like Darth Vader and Han Solo have become household names. The prequel movies, I think, were excellent as well, although the Phantom Menace could be improved upon. The politics of Palpatine's rise to power, and the details of the fall of Anakin Skywalker, lead perfectly into the original trilogy. The Clone Wars was brilliant from season 3 on. The introduction of new characters like Ahsoka and Rex were fantastic. The wide spectrum of the Clone Wats gives it its edge. To me, post-bought Star Wars will probably never equal was it was before. Canceling the Clone Wars for Rebels is a huge mistake, and the Force Awakens was definitely a letdown, but Rogue One gave me some hope. I still think Star Wars should definitely be #1 on this ...more

I am referring to the original trilogy these are the best in the world, they are the most copied and parodied, even by the prequals, I do find the prequals lacking but the original trilogy is just fantastic

You know, just to make it clear, did you know that if Star Wars and Harry Potter were made at the same time period, Star Wars would have made LOADS more money than Harry Potter? Honestly, Star Wars came out over 35 years ago, and because movie tickets back than didn't cost as much when Harry Potter was made, of course Star Wars would make less money in the box office! By the way, Star Wars has more games and toys, along with merchandise. This movie may be slightly violent (however most of the movies on this list are violent), it is an extremely outrageously great movie. It's A MUST SEE!

I will say this without guilt or an apology: Star Wars is a better movie series than Harry Potter. Harry Potter is already number one book series if you look at that list. It can't win best movie series to. People who complain about the prequels are not true fans in my opinion. So what the dialogue was bad, look pass it and consider; the wonderful acting that made the cheesy dialogue good, the complex storyline that blended politics and action, the space battles, a look at Darth Vader before he was bad so you can feel sorry for him, I could go on forever. People complain about the new ones to but I think they should get accepted. But haters gonna hate.

Star wars should be placed ahead of Harry Potter but I agree they are one and two. The simply fact that star wars first came out in the 70s and are able to still have as big of a following as they do in 2015 when force awakens came out is unreal. In my opinion Harry potter won't have the same following years from now unless they do something similar to draw people back in with the new books. The whole group of iron man, avengers, captain america, thor and guardians should all be counted as one series and since they don't change actors. And I think that could take the 3rd spot over Lord of the Rings. After those 4 it should be Bourne. Seriously pirates doesn't deserve to be in the top 5.

I like it more than "Harry Potter" or "The Lord of the Rings" for many reasons. First of all, it has a more complex storyline. The conflict is far more studied and well written and has different levels between some very complex characters. It is very innovative and the universe it created is one of the best developed ever made. The characters, the story, the decors, the worlds in which the action takes place make this film the best saga ever. Harry Potter is cute, The Lord of the Rings is awesome, but Star Wars is legendary.

Far better than Harry Potter! It's technical quality is rarely even rivaled by single movies.

Star Wars is simply in a class by itself. George Lucas established an amazing cinematic universe with the very first film and each return trip has simply added to the grandeur. Lord of the Rings (my second favorite film series) and Harry Potter (third) may be more consistent in their tone but nothing is more cinematically rich and exciting than the Star Wars universe! By the way, how on Earth are Back to the Future and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (my fourth and fifth choices) not even ON this list?!

Star Wars, the only reason all these movies are great but yet all of them had a huge movie weighing them down godfather would be number one but that 3rd series just put a depressing, religious hault to the whoel series and spiderman had the same the 3rd ep. was by far one of the most antispated movie tht turned out a bust... and bond comon I can name loads of clunkers in tht franchise - paynterboyy335

The money, popularity, and resilience of this franchise have shown why it's the greatest. Star Wars has been around since the 70's and that wizard series hasn't been in movie form for even half that time. The potter series has more movies than Star Wars and there is still not comparison to which franchise is better. Star Wars made legends like Harrison ford or mark hamill. I don't know one single actor from Harry Potter. Star Wars has also brought in many big names like Carrie Fischer, Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman, Liam neeson, and ewan mcgregor. Also have had famous voice overs by James earl jones and frank oz. Star Wars will not stop expanding in the near future or even ten years from now. Harry Potter is past its time and popularity and will soon be forgotten.

Hands down the best movie franchise of all-time! Not only is Star Wars among the most action-filled and beloved series, but it is the third-highest grossing movie franchise of all time and is expected to pass Harry Potter next December. Star Wars has the most iconic characters aside from the MCU and is the most watched movie franchise in the world. Merchandise included, Star Wars blows any other movie franchise out of the water. The movies have great quality and character development, and the best CGI in the history of mankind. Should be a clear winner without a doubt.

I like Harry Potter as much as the next guy, but in no way is it better than star wars. Star wars is and for ever shall be the best movie series of all time. Greatest story plot, the music is spectacular, and for its time, was high high beyond the standards of any other movie. Star wars is my favourite movie series and all though I am 15 and did not grow up in the time it came out, it has had a deep impact on me, and it just spectacular.

Harry potter was the first one of the sagas I had actually seen and yes it will always have a place among my heart however there is no competition when it comes to harry potter and star wars, star wars wins hands down, lord of the rings is also better than harry potter but still not as good as star wars, in my opinion it should go 1. Star wars, 2. Lord of the rings and 3. Harry potter

Based on Episodes 4-6 because they have stood the test of time. People that were young when they watched still appreciate it. And kids these days will also like it. While Harry Potter was good and all, only time will tell if it can live up to what Star Wars has done. Lord of the Rings is also great probably 2nd in my opinion. After all they earned 17 Academy Awards, and I believe this series will still be a favourite in 20-30 years time.

'Ignorance is bliss' for the ones who haven't watched star wars and consider petty movies to be superior. I wanted to vote the matrix, lord of the rings and pirates of the Caribbean also. But well, the 40 year old legend has influenced so many film-makers, actors, other artistes and even physicians, that it deserves our respect. And I'd like to suggest everyone to watch this series and be a part of the legend that is star wars!

I absolutely love this saga, it is filled with adventures that are beyond my imagination. It is a great series with main characters that show emotion and have different relationships with eachother, which make the plot just perfect. I believe that Star Wars is completely better than Harry Potter because it has a better story to the movie, and the action and other elements in the movie are much better in my opinion. There is nobody in this world who loves movies, and has not heard of Star Wars, because it is so well known, and everyone loves this series so much!

Look, people who say Harry Potter made more money for its movies, you MAY be right... but if you look at it more closely, didn't you ever think that Star Wars was made in 1977? Weren't the tickets for the movie theaters cheaper than they were in 2001, when Harry Potter was first released? In 1977, the tickets for the movie theaters weren't as expensive as they were in 2001. So of course Harry Potter would have more money in the box office! Plus, the fact that Star Wars tickets did cost less, Star Wars is actually really close to making more money than Harry Potter ever did.
Anyway, when you say the prequels weren't as good, you are actually saying that the prequels weren't as good compared to the movies. The prequels were actually not bad, but compared to the other films, they needed work. But to tell the truth, the prequels for Star Wars weren't so bad compared to other movies I saw. (PS. LISTEN TO STAR WARS SOUNDTRACK, IT IS THE BEST! )

LOL I am laughing cause Star Wars is 2nd. Funny... I thought it should be first. Really! Music is excellent, the story is fantastic... and the legacy never stops! The characters are WAY more attachable than to Harry Potter. I would rather be in an x-wing, battling out through space and listening to Admiral ackbar than attend a wizard school and learn to use a wand... my personal opinion, but still! And people say Harry Potter grossed more money per film. WRONG! Star Wars made more. SPOILER ALERT! by the way the music is so iconic, that the movie wouldn't be the same without, and a non- Star Wars fun would know the melody of The Imperial March and the theme song.

I think the main reason it is below Harry Potter was because of the prequels, and the fact they weren't as good as the original. But they did do what a prequel is supposed to, the cleared up a few things while not being better in comparison to the original. So really, this should be above, especially because of Harry Potter's differences between book and movie.

Star Wars appeals to almost every person out there. If you ask some random person if they have seen Star Wars before, you would be shocked if they would have said that they hadn't. Star Wars is such a revolutionary movie series that led the way for many other sci fi movies. Star Wars has been in the works for 40 years. It's no coincidence that they have been continuing to add movies to the saga. 40 years is a long time to keep a movie series going and they have been doing it exceptionally well.

Star Wars is easily the greatest film series of all time, based upon the sheer impact that it has had on the culture of film viewing and production. While the Lord of the Rings also has had a great impact, this doesn't compare with the impact that Star Wars has made across generations, cultures and countries.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Star Wars has been, and continues to be, the granddaddy of series. It is a masterpiece in terms of story-telling, character development, and lore. What other series has created so many pop culture references and icons, like Luke, Leia, Han, Darth Vader, Anakin, Maul, etc.

Undoubtedly the number one film series of all time. The only reason it might not be considered number one are the prequels. However, the original trilogy and The Force Awakens are such outstanding pieces of cinema that it's impossible not to consider Star Wars the greatest film franchise ever made.

All these years later and who doesn't know the phrase, "Luke I am your father"? The originality, the creativity, and the overall brilliance of these movies will live on past the test of time. Old people and young kids will enjoy these movies alike, how often is that something you can say about a movie series?