Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

Tested these out. None are taken. So hurry up and use them before they do! This is if you want to start an MSP account, but don't have name ideas. I provided a backup just in case.

The Top Ten Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

1 DivaBlueGirl;)

If you like the colour blue, or your a diva, or if your a girl (of course! ), get this username!

You Put Names for girls at the top so you don't put IF YOU ARE A GIRL (OF COURSE! )!

I named my person this on msp and now I just started and I already have 200 friends and they all say my name is pretty and then I told them the website that I got it off and now what do you no there are like a lot of people that have names off this website

The reason why I like this name is because it sound like I could get more attention to me and I see why all the other girls get the attention because of their beauty and names please and thank you for listening or reading it

So my friend used that name for Dutch and she loves it so much she got 175 friends within a day! AHH I'm on Canadian though

2 Cookie Monsta :D

I like it because it cute and cuddly while also hot and steamy

I really like it cause its really funny and really cool name

I Think This Is REAL Cute Because, If You Love Cookies And Monsters Pick This, If You Have Your Moviestar Dressed In Only Blue, That Would Make Sense... Last But Not Least If You Just Adore Cookies And Little Hairy / Fluffy Monsters Also The Colour Blue..THEN PICK THIS USERNAME!

When I hear cookie I think of little girls, (because lil' kids have sweet tooths) which makes you seem cute. And I like how it's spelled "Monsta" instead of Monster, it shows that you've got spunk, sass, you're funny and weird.

3 Cutie Swag

I got a name fashion girl

This is good, but if you want to create an account it won't work. Just a heads up ; )!

Because my BFF has that and shes the bae and it's a nice name to Enjoy

I love this name!

4 SparklyStuff

I love this name it is so cool

I Love this name even though I don't like sparklystuff, that should tell you how cool your name is!

I love this name because I love sparkly stuff and sometimes when I buy stuff that is sparkly it gets all over the place!

The name I have friends much more than usual

5 IzzieLicious<3

I think this name is cute, fun and girly!

Love it! It sounds like a lovable leading cute popular name!

I think this username is lovely and makes u have lots of friends because when I tried it I had 200 friends so I recommend u to use this username if your new or something so you

I think this one is cute and is the right name for me. Thanks for the advice!

6 LilAngelxox

Its cute and it sais word angel in it, just sounds awesome :D

I love the name but its used name is fantastic I wanted to use if

I like it because it's sweet and the word angel

This so awesome because all the others are girly and not AWESOME like this one. I can't even think or find one please can I have it?

7 <>DimondRainbow<>

I really like this name and every one that I play with is like how did u come up with name thank you for however did this names

This name is great but I can write this so ><Rainbow>Girl#02>3 this is a god name for me but you can take this name from youtubers Mero>3> then Lena#1... and also I speak german

I like this name because I love rainbows and the word diamond$

I like this name because it creates a picture of a rainbow appearing made of diamonds

8 $strawberry Popsicle$

omg love this name it is freaking the best and it matches with what I am on msp

It's a really nice name it will catch a lot of peoples attention

It's a lovely UserName, but I'll use StrawBerry Popsicle, I prefer that way but I still love the name!

It's cute and catchy! Added my own extra touches to spice things up a little!

9 Pumpikan

Because it is a good username

I like the name because it remainds me of pumpkins which I love

I love this name it's just like the name of a really popular user: Pumpkin

It's a really good username and it gives a nice feel and makes you feel happy

10 FashionistaRock$$$

I love this name it is so fashionable I have got this name its great FashionistaRock$$$

I love fashion so I pick this for my friend thank you so much!

This name is so girly and rocky I love it but I am not using it

I love it because it's a cool name and plus I'm always picky on what to wear and another thing, I want to be a designer!

The Contenders

11 aizzy

The only cute one because it doesn't sound like a nine year old made it

I don't really like it not trying to be rude, my taste of usernames are the ones that aren't made up words no offense to anybody

Ikr But I don't have lots of usernames on msp so... Are you really using this and you said you don't really like it?

Ye that's good but so is cookies&creamy

12 MickeyMinnieCutie

This is a great username for girls or boys who like Disney! It's so cute

That is so a cute name I love it!

It's so cute name to have for a girl!

I think that this name is really cool and cute

13 GomezSwift2o

Okay this is okay like I like it how its has the last name of 2 favorite singers of mine like selena gomez and taylor swift but, I don't think its quite that good enough so yeah...

I love both singers and combined tog

This is the best name so far to be honest

My god! I love this name because if your favorite singer is Selena and Taylor it would be a great name to show your personality!

14 Monster Chiick x!!

I'm tyring to use every name that's listed but some of them were taken

So much like monster high

Thanks for the great name I really love it and suits any hair and outfit ideas on movie star planet.

I changed the name up a little x Monster Chiick x and I am level 19 and over 200 friends (l think lol)

15 <3 Monsta <3

Cool name. It's pretty, hot but sweet at the same time

I love this because it is part girly girl and part tomboy and inn real I'm a tomboy but on msp I'm a girly girl

It was a good name but I changed the a to a gmail a which is :@

I changed it up a bit! Thanks for the idea! I like it!

16 {ThatOneGirl}

This is so...
i don't have any words
I don't know its like I don't know

And just like me...

It's like a name that like a 8 or 9 year old won't make (sorry but honestly) I feel like it would fit someone aesthetic lol

I kid of used it myself it's really nice and gets a lot of attention

17 Beauty swag girl

I love this name it is so funny and cool and I would totally use this name lol

This sounds like a 5 year old made it.

I like it because it makes you feel yourself but if your a girl and you have swag. Go right ahead!

Nice name I think I should put that name

18 ItzKrystal

This name is AMAZING! I love it so much u guys have so many good names I like!

It's a really cool idea and if you don't like the name Krystal you can change it to whatever name you like x

BRILLIANT name if I didn't have an account on level 16 already I would so use this name

It's a brilliant name, you can use this and it's a good choice

19 Violt3443

I like that its totally cute

I have a sister called violet and it is a cute name

I think its cute too

Cute name I would change it to violet though

20 ToffeeMary

NO very bad name as soon as I logged with that name and got vip no one friended me...

I think its just unique as in something stylish for the perfect girl

This is a good name for me cues I love toffee

I like toffee but NO WAY would I call my user ToffeeMary

21 xxxxxQueenElsaxxxx

I love it I love frozen and its really catchy so whoever made this website and did this kudos to you great job one thing you could work on though is not putting lmao laughing my ass off because there are little kids who stumble upon this stuff so yeah otherwise great job

I love the film and love elsa if that name is taken and princess Anna is taken then use princess Elsa

This name is awesome considering I am elsa and nobody else shall use this name because it is my name

I like this name because from frozen I think she is pretty and I think she also has a nice name

22 Cutie Chick

I thinks it's a good name I would do it if I needed a username

If your a cutie and a chick this would be the perfect name

Love your name what do u think I should name my person?

It's a a really nic and all the boys will like th girls because off the name

23 [CaptionThis]

Honesty. this was great for my sister's username I had to help her find one that would fit her but of course she deleted her account after about a month but still she loved it.

Honestly, I think it's great, but there is pros and cons about this. People might call you "caption" or.. "this" which yeah, that makes sense but on msp I have a username that does not have a name and people call me "sweet" or "tea" because my username is sweet-tea. But, gives your friends a way to call you something that they want! I love it, I might use it for my backup... Thanks!

Cute and let's people give you a name for what they think of you

I think is cheeky and fun! Good job :D

24 hot girl999

Nope hell naw this is bad for online daters and online dating is bad so is the number 999 it has a bad history...

I think the name xXh0eXx witch is my blockstar is better than this name

Do you now how to be vip

Love this name so much
A lot
My opinion

25 !!Badgirl!!

If you want that bad girl look you need and name to fit it this will be awesome

I really like this name cause I think it really fits in with the girls names and it will go nice with dark colour outfits such as black

This could be a good name and it might get u popular too and that's why I like it

I used this user for my irish account and it looks super cute

26 $trawberyy

Awesome, love strawberries and it looks good and its number 45 here (a multiple of 5 which is my favorite number)!

I love it because it really gives out a juicy personality

I like it as it seems cool and edgy but has a cute tone to it

This is most cute and girly name I love it

27 Lolgal

Lolgal is the bast name ever! Short and snappy easy to remember ima use it

It's simple yet very elegant and something easy you can remember

This is an awesome cute name so me

Lolgal is just gorge

28 Ishakiss

This is so cool add me on Ishakiss

Definitely going make something similar

I Feel Empowered Hearing This Username!

I like this name

29 Bianca Blau1

Its Cute I Love t Ima Use It

That's my name

I love it


30 CannibalKe$ha

When you say this it sounds AWESOME

Well, I don't like this username because I don't like Kesha.

It's a nice name Love it!

I love Kesha's Song Cannibal. I might use this

31 SunnyBlue

Its awesome because I love blue and I love summer

Because it is a very good name to use

Its Sunny, and Blue! Oh so peaceful!

I like the name because sunny like the sun and blue like the ocean

32 ItzLizzie x

Its very beautiful and aesthetic, imma use it, unfortunately, that username was already in use, add me on Sunset Be4uty

Its Not Taken Yet so hurry up and make it

Love this name I used it and its super cute name thanks people starring at this comment

I love it I taken it on the Canada sever!

33 Bella Martinez

I love Melanie Martinez! This username reminds me of my amazing second-favorite singer

Martinez is the last name of the singer who sung Pacify her

Melanie Martinez fans, where u at?

This is my cousins old neighbors name

34 Sunset Beauty

It's Normal And Unique. No Seriously it Is.

I used it but I did Sunset&Beauty

Its Cute and Beautiful

It's really pretty so I'm gonna use it. My user is: SunsetBeauty757

35 BloodyMarie

My sister disappeared out of no where when she said bloody mary 3 times

I think is it cool because my sister is scared of that name and it is blood on your bed too

Um its sounds cool

Blood is coming from your mirror when you chant these words the right way

36 BitsyWaffles3

I love little waffles! *sings the tune waffles from teen titans go*

I made my user: <>BitsyWaffles<>

I like waffles

I like how it say waffle

37 Ugly Butt Hole

This is a very horrid username

That's not a very good name and why did you put it on this web site its not the best name you know you have to lean your facts right

This is your username of you are a ugly butt face

Eww who likes this username... It will get you no friends or best friends if somebody uses it DELETE THE ACCOUNT NOW I repeat DELETE THE ACCOUNT NOW! You will have no friends try something else

38 VanessaVampire

Vanessa is my real name! And halloween is my favorite day of the week!

Ugh it's kinda bad to be honest don't be mean it's my opinion.

Kinda okay if you make an account during Halloween

Vanessa is my real name so cool

39 SkyBluSpring<3

Cute and springy

Lt is good haha

Cute msp name

Its cute

40 !SnuggleBunny!

I think this one is adorable and describing your personality

This name is so cut you should not change your name!

This name is so cute I'm going to use it with a twist

It's so reminds me of hugging my pups all the time

41 kylixee

Good one because it's kinda like my athletic.

It sounds like a galaxy type of thing (name)

It's so cool nobody else is using it thanks!

Love this name

42 GothChick273

Really nice name well username

I like this name because it just feel like it suits me

Love it but still can't find anything to use for me!

Um WHAT THE HECK?! This is a horrible username unless you're, like, GOTHIC!

43 -Rosey Rares-

If you have charles proxy and have rares this name is perfect for you!

It perfect if you love Roses & Rares

I love it was taken so I added <>rosey rares<>

It's a very nice name. Love it

44 $FashionDiva$

I gonna use this.

Love it

Really good

Yes I got it

45 Rainbow Magic

Great username! - msp123

Great username rainbow and magic together make it magical

Someone else has took it can you think of any numbers

I love this username

46 HMpopgal

I LOVE THIS USERNAME! I'm a pop girl! And I like when letters go together.. (Don't ask what I mean in when letters go together) Great username!

Good but I have another one it's PheonixMilkshake660

Jsyk, HM means Hannah Montana
Backup: hannaluver4697

47 CandyFlo$$Diva

This names has got me lots of bets friends and a boy friend

I like I need an account

It's a cute username!

I love this name its great I named my msp account this its amazing

48 SunsetRainbows

Love that it's my name add me

This is a good name just I can't use it witch sucks because I would chosse this name

i want it

It's so cute!

49 {CutiePie}

This name is so cute I am trying to use it but I don't know if its taken ):

It sounds really nice and I just like it

MY LITTLE PONY! I used to wonder wot friendship could be!

I like this one because it can be used for anyone


It is a very cute name for a girl, just to show people that she is awesome!

I love this username

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