Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

Tested these out. None are taken. So hurry up and use them before they do! This is if you want to start an MSP account, but don't have name ideas. I provided a backup just in case.

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1 DivaBlueGirl;)

If you like the colour blue, or your a diva, or if your a girl (of course! ), get this username!

You Put Names for girls at the top so you don't put IF YOU ARE A GIRL (OF COURSE! )!

I named my person this on msp and now I just started and I already have 200 friends and they all say my name is pretty and then I told them the website that I got it off and now what do you no there are like a lot of people that have names off this website

The reason why I like this name is because it sound like I could get more attention to me and I see why all the other girls get the attention because of their beauty and names please and thank you for listening or reading it

Princess Bella
Super cute
Tells a boy what you are

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2 Cookie Monsta :D

I like it because it cute and cuddly while also hot and steamy

I really like it cause its really funny and really cool name

I Think This Is REAL Cute Because, If You Love Cookies And Monsters Pick This, If You Have Your Moviestar Dressed In Only Blue, That Would Make Sense... Last But Not Least If You Just Adore Cookies And Little Hairy / Fluffy Monsters Also The Colour Blue..THEN PICK THIS USERNAME!

It's so cute ;-;

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3 Cutie Swag

I got a name fashion girl

Because my BFF has that and shes the bae and it's a nice name to Enjoy

I love this name!

sweet name

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4 SparklyStuff

I love this name it is so cool

I Love this name even though I don't like sparklystuff, that should tell you how cool your name is!

I love this name because I love sparkly stuff and sometimes when I buy stuff that is sparkly it gets all over the place!

its stupid

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5 IzzieLicious<3

I think this name is cute, fun and girly!

Love it! It sounds like a lovable leading cute popular name!

I think this username is lovely and makes u have lots of friends because when I tried it I had 200 friends so I recommend u to use this username if your new or something so you

Sounds nice!

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6 LilAngelxox

Its cute and it sais word angel in it, just sounds awesome :D

I like it because it's sweet and the word angel

Please can I have this name I have been looking for 1 for ages

I love this username I used it with the heart like this

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7 <>DimondRainbow<>

I like this name because I love rainbows and the word diamond$

I like this name because it creates a picture of a rainbow appearing made of diamonds

This was my old username but I deleted the account so it's still useable!

I like the rainbow idea and the diamond is amazing!

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8 FashionistaRock$$$

I love this name it is so fashionable I have got this name its great FashionistaRock$$$

This name is so girly and rocky I love it but I am not using it

I love fashion so I pick this for my friend thank you so much!

it nice x

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9 MickeyMinnieCutie

This is a great username for girls or boys who like Disney! It's so cute

It's so cute name to have for a girl!

That is so a cute name I love it!

its cute

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10 Pumpikan

Because it is a good username

I love this name it's just like the name of a really popular user: Pumpkin

I love this user name imam use it thanks U. you

Sounds too similar to Pumpchkin.

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The Contenders

11 $strawberry Popsicle$

It's a really nice name it will catch a lot of peoples attention

If you love ice cream and strawberry pick this name OOPS I mean popsicle

It's like you like to swallow but in a kids point of look

Its super cute amd quirky

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12 GomezSwift2o

I love both singers and combined tog

Okay this is okay like I like it how its has the last name of 2 favorite singers of mine like selena gomez and taylor swift but, I don't think its quite that good enough so yeah...

This is the best name so far to be honest

I like how its creative every one
will love it

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13 Monster Chiick x!!

I'm tyring to use every name that's listed but some of them were taken

So much like monster high

Thanks for the great name I really love it and suits any hair and outfit ideas on movie star planet.

That name is so cool! search this KevinJade190

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14 aizzy

It just sounds... unique, which is something I like looking for.

I love the Name it goes with my personalty Exotic

Ye that's good but so is cookies&creamy

I'd totally use this as my username

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15 Beauty swag girl

I like it because it makes you feel yourself but if your a girl and you have swag. Go right ahead!

Nice name I think I should put that name

This is the best I used this name and bang I was in.

I think it's a good name I like it

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16 ItzKrystal

This name is AMAZING! I love it so much u guys have so many good names I like!

It's a really cool idea and if you don't like the name Krystal you can change it to whatever name you like x

BRILLIANT name if I didn't have an account on level 16 already I would so use this name

itzz cool

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17 <3 Monsta <3

Cool name. It's pretty, hot but sweet at the same time

I love this because it is part girly girl and part tomboy and inn real I'm a tomboy but on msp I'm a girly girl

It was a good name but I changed the a to a gmail a which is :@

It's cute and spicy!

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18 xxxxxQueenElsaxxxx

I love the film and love elsa if that name is taken and princess Anna is taken then use princess Elsa

This name is awesome considering I am elsa and nobody else shall use this name because it is my name

I like this name because from frozen I think she is pretty and I think she also has a nice name

Its ok not bad but I hate Elsa

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19 Violt3443

I like that its totally cute

I have a sister called violet and it is a cute name

I think its cute too


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20 {ThatOneGirl}

And just like me...

Gonna use this great job!

Love it need it.

It's a really neat name to be honest

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1. DivaBlueGirl;)
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3. Cookie Monsta :D

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