Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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21 ToffeeMary

NO very bad name as soon as I logged with that name and got vip no one friended me...

This is a good name for me cues I love toffee

I like toffee but NO WAY would I call my user ToffeeMary

Instead I used! ToffeeMary! - pumkin567

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22 Cutie Chick

I thinks it's a good name I would do it if I needed a username

If your a cutie and a chick this would be the perfect name

Love your name what do u think I should name my person?

It's amazing

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23 [CaptionThis]

Cute and let's people give you a name for what they think of you

I think is cheeky and fun! Good job :D

Love this, gonna try this one


V 9 Comments
24 hot girl999

Do you now how to be vip

Its okay I guess...

Yes because that name will get all the boys!

No it has the devil name in it what were u thinking?! :O

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25 Lolgal

Lolgal is the bast name ever! Short and snappy easy to remember ima use it

It's simple yet very elegant and something easy you can remember

This is an awesome cute name so me

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26 Ishakiss

This is so cool add me on Ishakiss

I Feel Empowered Hearing This Username!

I can so see a level 50 with this name

I like this name

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27 CannibalKe$ha

When you say this it sounds AWESOME

It's a nice name Love it!

I love Kesha's Song Cannibal. I might use this

It's nooby

V 6 Comments
28 Bianca Blau1 V 2 Comments
29 Bella Martinez

Martinez is the last name of the singer who sung Pacify her

My last is martinez so its cool

I Think That Is iS A Sweet Name

My last name is Martinez

V 8 Comments
30 BitsyWaffles3

I love little waffles! *sings the tune waffles from teen titans go*

I made my user: <>BitsyWaffles<>

I like how it say waffle

I love it it's so cute

V 6 Comments
31 VanessaVampire

Kinda okay if you make an account during Halloween

Its cool I like it

Like this one


V 5 Comments
32 ItzLizzie x

Its Not Taken Yet so hurry up and make it

Love this name I used it and its super cute name thanks people starring at this comment

I love it I taken it on the Canada sever!

i don't no

V 23 Comments
33 GothChick273

Really nice name well username

I like this name because it just feel like it suits me

Love it but still can't find anything to use for me!

Cool,If your a goth you can use this name!

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34 !SnuggleBunny!

I think this one is adorable and describing your personality

This name is so cut you should not change your name!

Sounds awesome

I love dis and my boyfriend is wanted cuddles every time I come on

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35 BloodyMarie

Blood is coming from your mirror when you chant these words the right way

Using* sorry for my bad spelling

I think it is just to devilish like! and also it is just not to be rude but a little bit weird no offense


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36 !!Badgirl!!

If you want that bad girl look you need and name to fit it this will be awesome

I really like this name cause I think it really fits in with the girls names and it will go nice with dark colour outfits such as black

This could be a good name and it might get u popular too and that's why I like it

Liar girl who said she took it, people nowdays. always being a critic

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It is a very cute name for a girl, just to show people that she is awesome!

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38 HMpopgal

I LOVE THIS USERNAME! I'm a pop girl! And I like when letters go together.. (Don't ask what I mean in when letters go together) Great username!

Good but I have another one it's PheonixMilkshake660

Jsyk, HM means Hannah Montana
Backup: hannaluver4697

39 Ugly Butt Hole

This is a very horrid username

That's not a very good name and why did you put it on this web site its not the best name you know you have to lean your facts right

This is your username of you are a ugly butt face


V 46 Comments
40 CandyFlo$$Diva

This names has got me lots of bets friends and a boy friend

I love this name its great I named my msp account this its amazing

Getting loads of friends and BFFS

Diva lol

V 9 Comments
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