Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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41 {CutiePie}

It sounds really nice and I just like it

I like this one because it can be used for anyone

MY LITTLE PONY! I used to wonder wot friendship could be!


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42 $trawberyy

Awesome, love strawberries and it looks good and its number 45 here (a multiple of 5 which is my favorite number)!

I love it because it really gives out a juicy personality

This is most cute and girly name I love it

I like this username, but I really don't like dollar signs in usernames so Strawberryy would be a good username. - lovefrombadlands

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43 Mackenzie

Love it because it reminds me of Dork Diaries

Yeah it reminds me of mackenzie hollister in dork diaries

So cool, name of my crush too xxx :3

Mackenzie Hollister - Carri796

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44 CandyGirl$$$

Can you help me find a popular name please I like your name but its too candy

It already have been taken so I used candy girl$$$$

I love this name because I love CANDY!

It's a very nice name but its someone took the name on the game

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45 Rosequeen369

I love this username because I love roses and I am queen Elizabeth so I will use username

I think it's a great username if you like roses and you are a queen

Ok this username gets a 100 I love roses and queen is like bomb

I like your user name, it's cool

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46 xxsweetlolipopxx

It is a very sweet name cause my best friend has the same name like what?

Id love this as my username next

It's so cute and unique I love it!

I like it its cool

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47 RokinRosa

Someone already has had this name for a long time

Cool I love it! It makes me think of a pink heart.. I don't know why. That sounds weird :s

I know some one on youtube that name is there's


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48 pink fluffy unicorn

I agree. I LOVE unicorns, I LOVE pink and I also LOVE fluffy slime even though the fluffy bit in this may not mean that

I like it because I LOVE pink and LOVE unicorns and fluffy is really good!

I like this one because UNICORNS RULE

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows! - lovefrombadlands

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49 SparkleChiic

I like the name because I love sparkles

I like it because its just creative

Its very catchy

so cool

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50 fa$hion

Who doesn't like fashion it tells the boys your mad over shoes and clothes

I got like a thousand friend request using this name

I took that one

Well I like this one cause I know a lot of girls on moviestarplanet like fashion.

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51 kylixee

Good one because it's kinda like my athletic.

It sounds like a galaxy type of thing (name)

I love this name! I'm going to use this!

Sadly this is taken ):

If it wasn't, I would've used it!

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52 Snugglemuffins

This is my user I love the names cause I love to snuggle up on the couch and eat chocolate chip muffins

I k like this name

I have that name

Sooo cute!

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53 PheobePheonix

Liking the name but I'm not sure ill use it

Yeah, I like it as my name is Phoebe

Love it used it :) with a

I love this username :o

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54 Sunset diamond

Sunset diamond ill use definitely

Matches my outfit the best thanks so much guys

Amazing but someone already used it.

I love this one

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55 {Kit Kat}

This gives me the feeling that your trying to say "eat me"...

I Think This Name Would Work For Many People

This is funny because it's a chocolate name!


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56 SunnyBlue

Its awesome because I love blue and I love summer

Because it is a very good name to use

Its Sunny, and Blue! Oh so peaceful!

I love this nme it so cute and cool

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57 Wanna Do It16

You know I'm 11 you shouldn't put stuff up here like that

To me it sorta means "wanna have sex"

This is actually a bit rude because I thought this would be a lovley site but no so ye please don't EVER SO THIS AGAIN!


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58 Swag12232

If you have swag and like numbers get this name

I. Think it's cool

Love it maybe ill use it as a backup account

I love it

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59 CuteStuff x

That name is already taken

Nice and to say you like cute stuff

Mine is cutestuff$$ add her please

cute names

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60 *TheTrueAlpha*

This is a really good name if your going to be popular...that's only your dreams

I like this it reminds me of wolves

Love it ima gonna take it

love it

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