Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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41 Ugly Butt Hole

This is a very horrid username

That's not a very good name and why did you put it on this web site its not the best name you know you have to lean your facts right

This is your username of you are a ugly butt face


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42 $trawberyy

Awesome, love strawberries and it looks good and its number 45 here (a multiple of 5 which is my favorite number)!

I love it because it really gives out a juicy personality

This is most cute and girly name I love it

Its been taken I hate this stupid fucc web

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43 CandyGirl$$$

Can you help me find a popular name please I like your name but its too candy

It already have been taken so I used candy girl$$$$

I love this name because I love CANDY!

It's a very nice name but its someone took the name on the game

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44 Mackenzie

Love it because it reminds me of Dork Diaries

Yeah it reminds me of mackenzie hollister in dork diaries

So cool, name of my crush too xxx :3

L like this name because it is so good name

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45 Rosequeen369

I love this username because I love roses and I am queen Elizabeth so I will use username

I think it's a great username if you like roses and you are a queen

Ok this username gets a 100 I love roses and queen is like bomb

I like your user name, it's cool

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46 RokinRosa

Someone already has had this name for a long time

Cool I love it! It makes me think of a pink heart.. I don't know why. That sounds weird :s

I know some one on youtube that name is there's


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47 fa$hion

Who doesn't like fashion it tells the boys your mad over shoes and clothes

I got like a thousand friend request using this name

I took that one

Well I like this one cause I know a lot of girls on moviestarplanet like fashion.

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48 xxsweetlolipopxx

It is a very sweet name cause my best friend has the same name like what?

It's so cute and unique I love it!

I really want this please


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49 pink fluffy unicorn

I agree. I LOVE unicorns, I LOVE pink and I also LOVE fluffy slime even though the fluffy bit in this may not mean that

I like it because I LOVE pink and LOVE unicorns and fluffy is really good!

I like this one because UNICORNS RULE

I love pink fluffy unicorns!

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50 SparkleChiic

I like the name because I love sparkles

I like it because its just creative

Its very catchy

so cool

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51 Snugglemuffins

This is my user I love the names cause I love to snuggle up on the couch and eat chocolate chip muffins

I k like this name

I have that name

Sooo cute!

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52 Sunset diamond

Sunset diamond ill use definitely

Matches my outfit the best thanks so much guys

Amazing but someone already used it.

I love this one

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53 PheobePheonix

Liking the name but I'm not sure ill use it

Yeah, I like it as my name is Phoebe

Love it used it :) with a

I'm in love w/ this surname and I would love to win and get this name

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54 Wanna Do It16

You know I'm 11 you shouldn't put stuff up here like that

To me it sorta means "wanna have sex"

This is actually a bit rude because I thought this would be a lovley site but no so ye please don't EVER SO THIS AGAIN!


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55 CuteStuff x

That name is already taken

Nice and to say you like cute stuff

Mine is cutestuff$$ add her please

cute names

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56 SunnyBlue

Its awesome because I love blue and I love summer

Because it is a very good name to use

Its Sunny, and Blue! Oh so peaceful!

I love this nme it so cute and cool

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57 Swag12232

If you have swag and like numbers get this name

I. Think it's cool

Love it maybe ill use it as a backup account

I love it

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58 {Kit Kat}

This gives me the feeling that your trying to say "eat me"...

I Think This Name Would Work For Many People

This is funny because it's a chocolate name!


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59 *TheTrueAlpha*

This is a really good name if your going to be popular...that's only your dreams

I like this it reminds me of wolves

Love it ima gonna take it

love it

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60 GothicPerfection

I think this is a really cute name well done for picking it

Actually, to all those people saying this is them on UK, it's not, it's me -.-

I love this name because it's great name for a girl

I love it! ♥

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