Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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61 PixiPanther

I think is a really good match for swaggers

This is taken by me so...

The best username!

I Like it a lot

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62 _MidnightPurpleMajesty_

I love your name but can you help me finding one too I have tried everything

I'm gonna use this one thanks!

I really like name

63 xxCookiesAndCreamCyutiexx

I really like this because it has the name cookie and cream! Mom gets me ben and jerry ice cream and so does dad! We all get it in the cookie and cream flavour!

I love this username!

It's a cute name

cute name

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64 CloudWifi

I like this username wow

Its good and I like it

Wifi + Clouds = Heaven.

OmIGAWD YUUSs. add me on USA / clouds /

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65 Ms.Queenbee

I like this username great job!

This name is so cute

I love this names!

It Reminds Me Of Regina George From Mean Girls.She Was The QueenBee First.

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66 Nerdz101

Its such a great name because I'm a nerd and its swag to be a nerd to show it off you know

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67 xXxHotmspstarxXx

Its really just bragging though like no one is perfect so I will pass :/

It is a really nice username

I think it is good name

It is ok but pretty bragish number 1 is perfect so I think I'm gonna pass : ok...and + I'm not those hotties--> as in pretty

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68 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the popular 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty is one of most well known characters of the show. She may be a little mean sometimes but she still does what is best for her friends .

I like rainbow dash...

I love my little pony and Rainbow Dash is my favrout

Cute reminds me of ponies x


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69 LushBlush

I'm 14 so it's so god

This nam is for if you like bat bombs or make-up you now if you are a queen

For me it says that it's not allowed

I like the name

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70 Pumpchkin

Maybe pump was on this site before all of us and picked this one!

Haha yeah right. Like your dad would work for some Girly game. Liar.

Nope already used and I don't really like the name

It's So Swaggy ):3 I have a username : XxXangleLilsXxX

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71 XXMelanieMartinezXX

I love melanie!

Hi dicky like me

It's not taken and who doesn't love Melanie Martinez aka Crybaby ♥


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72 VampireQueen239

So cool the best idea ever I am going to make my friends do that name

Sucking blood this is a good username for Halloween! I was born in Oct.

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73 SummerLovr8

1. Its taken 2. It's a YouTubers name

This is SO cutee!

Cool name!

Cause I love... SUMMER DUH AND EIGHT IS MY favorite! 💕

74 TwentyOneEmmas

It's my friends name

Like this because of TwentyOnePilots I-/

Oml funny as hell

I love this name but. I am Emma. And 21 o.o

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75 XXLilAngleXX

Love this so much it's so cute!

Angles in the sky I like it

My names Angel

I Think This is a cool name and I have used it for moviestarplanet planet but instead with xXxLilAnglexXx

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76 ishacool

That reminds me of a popular user who has that name lol

This is a great name shows a lot of potential and is a popular name

Seriously. This website is plain stupid.

It's allready taken by a lol 80 -81 user

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77 FreakiiAny<3

Reminds me of the youtuber

Cool name

I love it

I ♥ that name I tried it and it said it was used ;(

78 Xxx

It's Kinda Simple But I Guess It Okay?

Awesome Starter!

So simple #taken

It's cool because it's called Xxx and it has ONLY THREE letters so it's VERY cool and can you tell msp (Moviestarplanet) to get Samantha back and remove SAFE CHAT PLEASEE! (: THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU DID IT!

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79 BellaTheBozz

Fun bright nice girly

You can use this name if you want to show people you're the boss..

Cuteee using it so don't bother

<3its cute and I will use it!

80 GeorgiaGal300

I (without knowing this name as a good one) did for my accounts name GeorgiaGal777. I feel pretty awesome now!

It's a awesome name and creative

Hai guys I'm from Georgia Tbilisi ROFL Yah But I'm not using this name

I think it's a cool name

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