Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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81 Xxx

It's Kinda Simple But I Guess It Okay?

Awesome Starter!

So simple #taken

It's cool because it's called Xxx and it has ONLY THREE letters so it's VERY cool and can you tell msp (Moviestarplanet) to get Samantha back and remove SAFE CHAT PLEASEE! (: THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU DID IT!

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82 MetalCutie

Um I don't like it to be honest

I love this names

Umm I think its cute but its weird

cute name

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83 BellaTheBozz

Fun bright nice girly

You can use this name if you want to show people you're the boss..

Cuteee using it so don't bother

<3its cute and I will use it!

84 GeorgiaGal300

I (without knowing this name as a good one) did for my accounts name GeorgiaGal777. I feel pretty awesome now!

It's a awesome name and creative

Hai guys I'm from Georgia Tbilisi ROFL Yah But I'm not using this name

I think it's a cool name

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85 Miss Sexy Nights

I like sleeping with boys

I love this name

I'm sexy so sexy

Um... I don't think msp would approve

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86 Chloee& V 4 Comments
87 Tomboy13

I like that because I'm a tomboy

Love it cause I'm a tomboy

I love it cuy I'm a tomboy

Well I'm a tomboy so this is a good name ♥~♥

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88 Cutie Pie

I Have That Roblox Name

That's so cute! Love it

So nice like 1 YouTuber I know!


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89 Sportychick1029

I love it! I used I got a lot of friends and because I was vip thanks

I really want to use this name but its used it reminds me of Pumpchkin on the USA Msp

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90 JessyBerry

I used username sunny berry so I'm really exited

I think its awesome

I really like it


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91 xxstarbuckzloverxx

In the Taylor Swift song blank space it dose not say star bucks lovers it says got a long list of ex- lovers they'll tell you I'm insane because you know I love the players and you love the game

Thanks love this name

Reminds me of Taylor Swift's song: Blank Space

It is taken I think. Follow me on msp at Rachellovesya

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92 discoparty132 V 2 Comments
93 xXOlivi4Xx

This is a cute name

My name is olivia!

Cute love it x


94 HollywoodHoggerGal

Cool names but no offense I wouldn't take these sorry

Awesome name I might use

If hogging the spotlight is your thing, then try this!
Backup: SpotlightHogger

I love t I used xHollywoodHoggerGalx becase it was gone and add me please

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95 SparklySunShine

I love this username its amazing lol cause I had nothing 2 think about great and thanks but I did not use it for me

Just started a new user and I think this name is pretty good!

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96 SunsetRainbows

I Just Like That UserName And Sorry Guys But The UserName Is Taken On Ca Msp

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97 xxtwerkingunicornsxx

I would use this username if it weren't a game for 8 year olds.

Love it I love unions so this is amazing for me

Best username ever

I don't think msp with like this username

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98 ((VanillaMint))

It's a really cool name thanks

Love this username, really cute if you wanna focus your account on one particular colour or for the girly
My username thanks

It sounds cute! :D


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99 cutegirl

This name is really made for those 8 y old players in MSP

100 !ItzMia!

love it

It's just YASS

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