Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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81 $wag girl12345

I LOVE THIS USER NAME I'm using this user name I love it its really cute

Love it so much it you don't like you are hating to much. So hating

It nice wanna be friends

Its not really hating :I they just don't really think its good?

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82 Miss Sexy Nights

I like sleeping with boys

I love this name

I'm sexy so sexy

Um... I don't think msp would approve

V 10 Comments
83 >itzcharlotte<

Its kinda hard to read... maybe use caps

V 2 Comments
84 MetalCutie

I love this names

Um I don't like it to be honest

Umm I think its cute but its weird

cute name

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85 BellaTheBozz

Fun bright nice girly

You can use this name if you want to show people you're the boss..

Cuteee using it so don't bother

<3its cute and I will use it!

86 GeorgiaGal300

I (without knowing this name as a good one) did for my accounts name GeorgiaGal777. I feel pretty awesome now!

It's a awesome name and creative

Hai guys I'm from Georgia Tbilisi ROFL Yah But I'm not using this name

I think it's a cool name

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87 Tomboy13

I like that because I'm a tomboy

Love it cause I'm a tomboy

I love it cuy I'm a tomboy

Well I'm a tomboy so this is a good name ♥~♥

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88 xxstarbuckzloverxx

In the Taylor Swift song blank space it dose not say star bucks lovers it says got a long list of ex- lovers they'll tell you I'm insane because you know I love the players and you love the game

Thanks love this name

Reminds me of Taylor Swift's song: Blank Space


V 6 Comments
89 Cutie Pie

I Have That Roblox Name

That's so cute! Love it

So nice like 1 YouTuber I know!


V 1 Comment
90 ((VanillaMint))

It's a really cool name thanks

Love this username, really cute if you wanna focus your account on one particular colour or for the girly
My username thanks

It sounds cute! :D


V 4 Comments
91 Sportychick1029

I love it! I used I got a lot of friends and because I was vip thanks

I really want to use this name but its used it reminds me of Pumpchkin on the USA Msp

V 2 Comments
92 JessyBerry

I used username sunny berry so I'm really exited

I think its awesome

I really like it


V 2 Comments
93 cutegirl

This name is really made for those 8 y old players in MSP

94 discoparty132 V 2 Comments
95 xXOlivi4Xx

This is a cute name

My name is olivia!

Cute love it x


96 HollywoodHoggerGal

Cool names but no offense I wouldn't take these sorry

Awesome name I might use

If hogging the spotlight is your thing, then try this!
Backup: SpotlightHogger

I love t I used xHollywoodHoggerGalx becase it was gone and add me please

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97 SparklySunShine

I love this username its amazing lol cause I had nothing 2 think about great and thanks but I did not use it for me

Just started a new user and I think this name is pretty good!

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98 SunsetRainbows

I Just Like That UserName And Sorry Guys But The UserName Is Taken On Ca Msp

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99 xxtwerkingunicornsxx

I would use this username if it weren't a game for 8 year olds.

Love it I love unions so this is amazing for me

Best username ever

I don't think msp with like this username

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100 AKawaiiPotato

Cool name I have it first add me please

Crazy people these days

Like Kawaii Things? Like Potatos? LIKE BOTH!? Use This Then..

This is so cute :3
but would not use it though sorry :(

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