Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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101 lllllllllllooooooooooooooollllllllllllll

I could never remember that so no!

I like the name but it did not work sorry

too long

Loolll hehehe too funny

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102 Twighlight Sparkle

Love the name but sad some1 else has taken it :(

Has someone used this name?

I hate Her.. As in Twighlight but it is taken so I recommend TheTwighlightSparkle


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103 {}username{}

I can think of better names have u tried looking in the higher numbers plus even Queen Elsa is getting more likes and comments than this-(so terrible) who could even like this name? (so stupid)

I'm going to use this name so awesome

I LOVE THIS! Who can think of better?

Well it's really easy so I can remember xDd

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104 ((VanillaMint))

It's a really cool name thanks

Love this username, really cute if you wanna focus your account on one particular colour or for the girly
My username thanks

It sounds cute! :D

Cute, My favoritt colour is Mint and I love vanilla ^-^

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105 !ItzMia!

love it

It's just YASS

106 Scaredycat

Haha, scaredycat!

Like the way you think

Not good name at all :( booo

Just like me 😂

107 Jazzberry

Love the name it sounds funky

#its awesome


108 Kissup xD

I forgot my pass I needed to make a new 1

To be honest I don't really like it

This is amazing! I love this user

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109 Miacat786

Got a BFF called Mia and I like cats... Love it

I love this name!

So cute my of is called mia so is my bff!

My cats name is mia

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110 Spotteh

It's Cute, Cool, Short And Creative.

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111 Cute MovieStar <3

Sounds like PixiStar made this one up.


112 Crystal Heart

I love this, it's amazing but it's taken... I'll be in the corner crying now



113 AKawaiiPotato

Cool name I have it first add me please

Crazy people these days

Like Kawaii Things? Like Potatos? LIKE BOTH!? Use This Then..


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114 HersheyKissesxoxo

I love here she's defiantly my kinda 1

Sounds cute and stylish


115 miss girlygirl

I think this is a brilliant name because most girls are very girly.

Too girly for me. Most girls I know aren't even girly

It's quite boring.

Its shows you re peronsonality amazing I love msp

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116 SparklySkylla V 3 Comments
117 BlueDiamond

I like it its fun and girly also cute and I don't know why it's so good

You should put it hope instead of blue but other than that its amazing

Awesome I like blue and I like diamonds


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118 >Glitter Bomb<

If your a girl girl you will love this! ;D

love it

That my name

Very fab c;

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119 CougarLover


120 WarriorKe$ha

I think it would be a great username, it shows your strong.

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