Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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121 ItzKatie<3

I Like This Name, Because My Name Is Katie




122 miss girlygirl

I think this is a brilliant name because most girls are very girly.

Too girly for me. Most girls I know aren't even girly

It's quite boring.

Its shows you re peronsonality amazing I love msp

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123 SparklySkylla V 3 Comments
124 >Glitter Bomb<

If your a girl girl you will love this! ;D

love it

That my name

Very fab c;

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125 Capricornial

This name is so cute

I used it for mine on MSP Canada and I love it!

Ik it sucks but I tried!

Used it on Canada msp and I love it sm but it was taken so I did C a p r I c o r n I a l

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126 XXXFunNikkiXXX

It have my name and it really cute

Nikki your name?

127 WarriorKe$ha

I think it would be a great username, it shows your strong.

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128 IslaRose

Love used it as my new backup user and I think it's a really pretty gorgeous and sexy name

I like the name but it sounds like a real name so its not so good as a username as my name is simular

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129 SunniLuv

Cute! Make it be your backup's name

I like it! ;) But I have an idea for a username as well KalisKisses, KalsKisses or, KarensKisses. You can also use a name you like that starts with a "K" and just end it with "Kisses"

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130 The Maker of This Hates Kittens

Change this to the maker of this loves kittens

No I love kittens so I think Ill pass

Who would have this username?


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131 XxcutekittygalxX V 4 Comments
132 CoolioOreo

What does thus suername mean?

I used XxCoolioOreoXx xDD

I used sorry ppls I love it lolz x

133 VanillaBea

Becase constant reminder of vanilla bean or vanilla icecream also makes you think of Vanilla Bae babe

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134 Skeleton angel <3

This is such a pretty name! Don't listen to the haters out there, because right now I'm telling you I love love love this name! And I hope you have more suggestions for usernames cause I'm stuck on what to name myself

Don't like the name- the words skeleton and angel don't mix- terrible name

What A... Wonderful name! ( I meant the opposite of what I said! )

I love it its cute x creepy just enough to make everyone jealous!

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135 SnowingAngel

Sounds cool I just think if u take off the ing it will sound a lot better

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136 Sweetswagga V 4 Comments
137 Loveable Gal

So stupid because every girl can be loveable

I think this is a good usernames for girls

138 Loveinger

I rlly don't get this username

139 Gugugaga


Name it if u making a baby account :DLOL

140 Blue Bae XD!

Cute and funny I guess


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