Best Movie Star Planet Name Ideas for Girls

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161 TalliahXD

Laugh out loud I just think this is quite nice

A name I like is Xx-FutureRapperGurl-xX or QueenOfNight-Xoxo or LiaLoverxx or LoveYouNight654 or MissDreamyx457

162 Malia XO

Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

163 Boy Girl Freak 89 V 1 Comment
164 awesomesauce

This is my word yo

"Being awesome on msp matters"


165 MrsSwaggerStine

I love this name its awesome I love this name who ever made it

It sounds really cool

V 1 Comment
166 justsometeenger V 3 Comments
167 cake girl yummy!

Yummy? poor girl getting ate ;-;

love it!

It's so cute! NOT

168 Rainbow Magic

Someone else has took it can you think of any numbers

V 3 Comments
169 Minnieunicorn V 3 Comments
170 Anna

It's Something Everyone would take its obvious

This Username Is Obviously Already Taken.

Dah obviously taken very common name

Put aoniya, its Anna Jr. ON UK!

V 5 Comments
171 Isballa

I like it because isabella is from twilight

V 4 Comments
172 Unicorn 45

I love this 1!

173 Awe$omerap

It was the name of my old User so anyone can use it now

This username is pretty dope to me it like it

V 2 Comments
174 []MischaBom[]

Mischa means teddy bear in russian.

V 2 Comments
175 Pink Panda V 2 Comments
176 Candy Pink Hair

I think that name is very cute but a bit long..

V 1 Comment
177 Twerking Turtle

Just know turtles are strong and can always be awesome

This just took away my child hood still not the best name and Isent



V 5 Comments
178 siazzy786726
179 XxLollipopLoverxX

Thanks to All the Amazing usernames that have been commented. their All sexy names!

V 1 Comment
180 trapqueen1738

I love this song so much! It makes me laugh that someone thought of it! Good Job!

V 3 Comments
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