Top Ten Movie Star Planet Players

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1 Mybeau

She rocks! :) add me I am gymnast780

She is really is awesome she helped me to level 29

Love her shes awesome

She is amazinggg

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2 Pumpchkin

Pump isn't a bad person, I've just always liked mybeau.

She doesn't accept my friend request

Pumpchkin never ever liked you

I know her inreals she is popular

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3 Pokemon Lova

I love that name it almost sounds like a Pokemon name!

I love Pokemon and people would know it for sure!

She's cool.

Wowzers lol love the name :D

4 Elesaplasma
5 Ninaky
6 ItzEmma

Because my name is emma

My name is emma

7 Crystina12345

Going to see it

8 Angelina2434


9 Cutestuff

Cute name cute girl

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10 Kylie Kardash

I love Kylie Kardashian

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11 Abp78
12 Donnie C V 3 Comments
13 Roxy-1

Hi my name is chloe you can help me to game movie star planet please

Roxy is so nice she helped me to level 9

She the best she is even my friend

She's one of the only 2 on the list that I know. by the way I'm Roxy St Holmes please watch and rate my movies

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14 boylover25791
15 ItzJerz

She is amazing! In love with her movie series "she doesn't have forever." Check it out

16 Impact
17 IzzyWizzyWooxox V 1 Comment
18 Rim
19 Rock Fashionista

Yeah she's awesome. My best friend.

20 MinecraftDude6
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