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1 Mybeau

I think she works hard and she is honestly so sweet add me oliviacoffee I am giving away rare!

Hey you're the best please add me on uk black swagger jagger and gift please for mailtime

The highest in US sever c: Add me: Bluesnowblossom on US server of not my main though (;

She is really is awesome she helped me to level 29

2 Pumpchkin

Everyone says she is rude and bullies other msp users but she is a good person and helped me reach the level I am at! She shouldn't get all of the hate she receives!

I've been to pumpchkin's room before and there where YouTuber's they where makeing a video and they said I've seen the dolly here once!

I been a fan of Pumpchkin for the longest. I been on this game for 6 years. and always tried to get an add back.. but I guess I'm not cool enough.. now I'm 16, and still pending. anyways add me bebalinda2002

She doesn't accept my friend request

3 Pokemon Lova

I love that name it almost sounds like a Pokemon name!

I love Pokemon and people would know it for sure!

She is so nice and her name js absolutly amazing

SHe suuuck

4 Elesaplasma

Actually no, she's a really nice person and helped me to level 56, she's not rude whatsoever.

Elesaplasma tries to seem nice but is super mean and rude, to be honest

5 Ninaky
6 ItzEmma

I love that name I'm going to use it thanks so much.

Because my name is emma

My name is emma

7 Crystina12345

Going to see it

8 Angelina2434

She is the best

9 Cutestuff

Cute name cute girl

I know her msp and she is really nice x
Add me on UK CookieMonstttaaa

Friend me niya twin or Krisceona123

10 Abp78
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11 Kylie Kardash

Are you actually kialee

I love Kylie Kardashian

12 Roxy-1

She's one of the only 2 on the list that I know. by the way I'm Roxy St Holmes please watch and rate my movies

Roxy is so nice she helped me to level 9

She the best she is even my friend

I'm her BFF in real life

13 boylover25791
14 RotiKhaase

I agree she deserves so much

Best of the best

Super NICE!
Is always active and post YT videos every day!
Goes Out Of Her Way To Make Her Friends Happy!


15 Donnie C

This guy is a beast

Laugh out loud did you guys hear? Kylie Kardash is Donnie C. ~Add me on Zuzupurple~

16 Popstar3008

She showed me how to glitch rares onto my acc! She's really positive and sweet! She's always really polite and will help you if you need help!

She's really nice and scam free when trading!

She's really nice and funny and cool!

She's awesome please friend her

17 Purpleswagger

Is she on Australia? never answers me, though...

18 Zryanz

It’s zRYANz, he’s so nicee

19 ItzJerz

She is amazing! In love with her movie series "she doesn't have forever." Check it out

20 Rim
21 IzzyWizzyWooxox

She is amazing and she always has the most amazing outfits on

Why is issie so low :0 she helped me level up

My bestie on msp my user is :fran is epic xx add noobs and be nice xox I don't know wht I'm saying lol leave ya mamma alone

22 Miah Lerone

It My Msp Name Also Its Kinda Nice When Your Vip With It :) Vote Me!

23 Impact
24 Ishacool

Ew so mean deserves the hate

25 kendall1166
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