Top Ten Movie Star Planet Players

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1 Mybeau

She rocks! :) add me I am gymnast780

She is really is awesome she helped me to level 29

Love her shes awesome

Love her positivity and kindness­čśŐ

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2 Pumpchkin

Pump isn't a bad person, I've just always liked mybeau.

She doesn't accept my friend request

Pumpchkin never ever liked you

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3 Pokemon Lova

I love that name it almost sounds like a Pokemon name!

I love Pokemon and people would know it for sure!

She's cool.

Wowzers lol love the name :D

4 Elesaplasma
5 Ninaky
6 ItzEmma

Because my name is emma

My name is emma

7 Crystina12345

Going to see it

8 Cutestuff

Cute name cute girl

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9 Kylie Kardash

I love Kylie Kardashian

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10 Angelina2434

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11 Abp78
12 Donnie C V 3 Comments
13 Roxy-1

Hi my name is chloe you can help me to game movie star planet please

Roxy is so nice she helped me to level 9

She the best she is even my friend

She's one of the only 2 on the list that I know. by the way I'm Roxy St Holmes please watch and rate my movies

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14 boylover25791
15 ItzJerz

She is amazing! In love with her movie series "she doesn't have forever." Check it out

16 Impact
17 Rock Fashionista

Yeah she's awesome. My best friend.

18 MinecraftDude6
19 Anakin$kywalker
20 fashionista model

She was voted the most prettiest

I don't know her.


Hi I vote you beacueas your ar beautifull
but one condision's you help me to game movie star planet

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