Top Ten Movie Star Planet Players

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1 Mybeau

She rocks! :) add me I am gymnast780

She is really is awesome she helped me to level 29

Love her shes awesome

Hey you're the best please add me on uk black swagger jagger and gift please for mailtime

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2 Pumpchkin

Pump isn't a bad person, I've just always liked mybeau.

She doesn't accept my friend request

Pumpchkin never ever liked you

Ewww pump is the ugliest and she was very rude to me mybeau it's way better

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3 Pokemon Lova

I love that name it almost sounds like a Pokemon name!

I love Pokemon and people would know it for sure!

She's cool.

Wowzers lol love the name :D

4 Elesaplasma
5 Ninaky
6 ItzEmma

Because my name is emma

My name is emma

7 Crystina12345

Going to see it

8 Cutestuff

Cute name cute girl

Friend me niya twin or Krisceona123

I know her msp and she is really nice x
Add me on UK CookieMonstttaaa

9 Angelina2434


10 Kylie Kardash

I love Kylie Kardashian

Are you actually kialee

Very good

The Newcomers

? Chyna Smith

Awesome. she added me and helped me to level 21

The Contenders

11 Abp78
12 Donnie C

This guy is a beast

he's good

Laugh out loud did you guys hear? Kylie Kardash is Donnie C. ~Add me on Zuzupurple~

13 Roxy-1

Hi my name is chloe you can help me to game movie star planet please

Roxy is so nice she helped me to level 9

She the best she is even my friend

She's one of the only 2 on the list that I know. by the way I'm Roxy St Holmes please watch and rate my movies

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14 boylover25791

he so cute

15 Purpleswagger
16 Impact
17 ItzJerz

She is amazing! In love with her movie series "she doesn't have forever." Check it out

18 IzzyWizzyWooxox

She is amazing and she always has the most amazing outfits on

Why is issie so low :0 she helped me level up

19 Miah Lerone

It My Msp Name Also Its Kinda Nice When Your Vip With It :) Vote Me!

20 Azzurrapink2

She helped me to reach level 28 and she gave me my whole wish list

21 Rim
22 Rock Fashionista

Yeah she's awesome. My best friend.

23 MinecraftDude6
24 Anakin$kywalker
25 fashionista model

She was voted the most prettiest

I don't know her.


Hi I vote you beacueas your ar beautifull
but one condision's you help me to game movie star planet

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26 kendall1166
27 Laneydell
28 hihihihi
29 angel<3dimples
30 Candired
31 ForevaSimma

She is really nice but gets a lot of hate for some reason. - Peebz2010

32 Ishacool
33 XxAlexanderTheGreatXx
34 Hotbabezanex101
35 Melisoocool
36 Denise187
37 Live Love Kiss
38 awesomeswagdude579
39 emmabugz

Shes awesome! Shes funny nice and I LOVE HER friend her and you will seee

40 xxxxCookieMonsterxxxx
41 $kittlez....
42 Chuck

He really nice and he added me

Yes I adead you

43 SnazzyG&S

She is really nice she helped me level up to level 29. You can find her by searching SnazzyG

Hi my name is chloe lyn guy's I want to game movie star planet can you help me to game movie star planet

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44 Gingerspeed
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