Best Movie Teaser Trailers of All Time

A teaser trailer is a short trailer for a movie that lasts for about a few seconds. Some teaser trailers do a fantastic job at marketing the movie. These are the best teaser trailers of all time.

The Top Ten Best Movie Teaser Trailers of All Time

1 Alien

"In Space, no one can hear you scream"-fade to black...

I’m scared of aliens

I’m not really sure if this is a teaser but since it was the first trailer for Alien, I think it’s a teaser. This is how you do a trailer. It doesn’t give a lot of information away, it gives a really creepy atmosphere to the trailer, and gives out a lot of suspense. To this day, it’s still holds up. Alien definitely has the best trailer for a movie. Nothing can compare to it. - RadioHead03

2 Cloverfield

In the moment I saw this list I knew this would have been here - Deathshield18

This is how you do a teaser trailer. This teaser trailer blew many people away back then. How you might ask? The teaser trailer did not show the monster, and it didn’t show the title for the movie. Just a few seconds of footage, a release date, and that’s it. This teaser blew many people away back then because nobody knew what this movie was. Many people had so many questions. Some people thought it was a new Godzilla movie or a Voltron movie. Other people thought it was something else. I gotta admit, this movie had some of the best marketing i’ve ever seen. They did a fantastic job. And this teaser trailer is still amazing to this day. - RadioHead03

3 Star Trek

Star Trek’s teaser trailer was mind blowing. It just showed a space ship being built, but until the words “Space, The Final Frontier” was said, the hype was real. To this day, this teaser trailer still lives up. And the movie does too. - RadioHead03

4 The Shining

Here’s Johnny!

Perfection is the best word to describe The Shinning’s teaser trailer. All it just shows is the blood elevator, and that’s it. That’s what’s good about it. It doesn’t reveal much. The only thing it reveals is the tone for this movie. And that’s it. And that’s what makes it perfect. - RadioHead03

5 Spiderman

I have to go with this one. - pLix33

The first Spiderman had an amazing teaser trailer. It didn’t reveal anything about the plot. All it just showed was Spiderman defeating some bank robbers, and that’s it. It’s well made, and it doesn’t give you any information about the plot. But this teaser trailer was pulled from theaters due to a scene in the trailer involving The Twin Towers. But it’s still an amazing teaser trailer that brought a lot of hype for the movie. - RadioHead03

6 Super 8

Made me want to watch the movie. - Userguy44

J.J. Abrams sure does know how to do a teaser trailer. Super 8’s teaser trailer brought up a lot of questions. Many people thought it was a prequel or a sequel to Cloverfield. But that wasn’t the case. The teaser trailer for Super 8 is perfect. All it just shows is the train crash, and the alien escaping the train. It doesn’t reveal that much, but there’s nothing wrong with that. To this day, this teaser trailer is amazing. Definitely one of the best tease trailers for a modern movie. - RadioHead03

7 Inception

Inception’s teaser trailer was amazing. It doesn’t reveal much, and the music at the end is so dramatic. This is definitely how you do a teaser to hype up a really amazing movie. - RadioHead03

8 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
9 Avengers: Endgame
10 Transformers

I will have to admit, Transformers first teaser trailer was very cool. It just shows a rover landing on Mars, and then it gets destroyed by a Decepticon. At least I think it’s a Decepticon. But just like the Star Trek teaser trailer, many people didn’t know this was going to be a Transformers movie until the very end of the trailer. That’s what makes it good. - RadioHead03

The Contenders

11 The Blair Witch Project

Some people think The Blair Witch Project is just some cheesy horror movie. But it’s much more than that. The marketing for this movie was insane. The reason? Many people thought it was real. The teaser trailer is a prime example of that. It tricks you into thinking it was based on true events, but it really wasn’t. - RadioHead03

12 Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

There is one positive thing about Rouge One. The teaser. The teaser trailer brought so much hype. The sirens going off brought a lot of suspense in the teaser. And it’s really well made too. This movie had an amazing teaser trailer. Too bad the movie was garbage though. - RadioHead03

13 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
14 Saving Private Ryan
15 Eraserhead
16 Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Forgot to add this one. But the teaser trailer was pretty awesome. It definitely hyped up the movie. - RadioHead03

17 Back to the Future
18 The Breakfast Club
19 War of the Worlds

The best part about the teaser is that it didn’t reveal anything in the movie. Also, I love the creepy atmosphere to the teaser. - RadioHead03

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