Top Ten Movie Titles Replaced with Word Penis

The Top Ten

1 The Penis Movie

Original title for this disaster. - DarkKnight2005

2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Penis Rules
3 The SpongeBob Movie: Penis Out of Water
4 The Lion King Penis ½
5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Penis, Part 2

Man..., that's interesting - darthvadern

6 The Penis SquarePants Movie
7 Penis of the North

What about the Penis of the South (Song of the South) then both movies have to battle it out (Penis Stampede) (Dixie Stampede reference)

8 Kung Fu Penis
9 Penis Wars

This list though

10 Honey, I Shrunk the Penis

Lol that’s actually hilarious - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Justin Penis Never Say Never
12 Spiderman Penis

Spiderpenis is better - darthvadern

Spiderman Homecoming.

13 Penis 3-D
14 Godzilla: King Of The Penis
15 South Penis: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Heh. Heh! HEH!
But really, this is the best one.

16 Jimmy Neutron: Penis Genius
17 Despicable Penis 3

Ha. - RadioHead03

18 Spiderman Into The Penisverse

Man what a pervert spiderman must be - darthvadern

Needs to get in the top ten. - RadioHead03

19 Guardians of the Penis

Man that must be pretty uncomfortable... - darthvadern

This is top 10 worthy - Randomator

20 Guardians of the Penis Vol. 2
21 Wes Craven's New Penis
22 Hollow Penis
23 Get Penis
24 Penis Destination 2
25 The Penis
26 Child’s Penis
27 American Penis
28 Penis Wars: The Last Jedi

Must be higher - darthvadern

29 Star Penis Beyond
30 Night of the Living Penis
31 Avengers: Infinity Penis
32 Jurassic Penis 3
33 Avengers: Age of Penis
34 I Love Penis
35 Penis Runner
36 Justin Bieber: Never Say Penis

I can say penis all I want whenever I want! >:(

Why? - darthvadern

37 Close Encounters of the Penis Kind
38 Star Wars: The Penis Strikes Back
39 Penis Story
40 Penis Destination 3
41 Scary Penis
42 Avengers: Penis
43 Penis League
44 A Penis' Life
45 Penisbusters
46 The Lion Penis
47 Jurassic Penis
48 Penis Through the Ages
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