Top 10 Movie Titles with a Word Replaced with Turd

The Top Ten

1 Stephen King's Turd
2 Alvin And The Turdmunks
3 The Book of Turds

When I was 2 years ago every time I pooped my aunt would take pictures and then put them in a photo album

I love this movie - 445956

4 Charlie and the Turd Factory

My body is a turd factory

5 The Fox and the Turd
6 Beauty and the Turd
7 Turd Story
8 The Angry Turds Movie
9 Song of the Turd
10 Turd of the North

It’s indeed a turd movie.

The Contenders

11 Caillou's Holiday Turd
12 Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Turd
13 Inside Turds
14 Turd Fiction
15 Forrest Turd
16 The Land Before Turd
17 The Turd Movie
18 Where the Dead Go to Turd
19 When Turd Birds Fly
20 Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Turd
21 The Sixth Turd
22 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Turd
23 Snow White and the Seven Turds
24 Shark Turd
25 Polturdgeist
26 Turd Sematary
27 Turds 3-D
28 Despicable Turd 3
29 Turd Man

Hollow Man

30 Motu Patlu: King of Turds
31 The Secret of Turds
32 Turd Story 3
33 Wes Craven's New Turd
34 Jimmy Neutron: Turd Genius
35 Guardians of the Turd
36 Guardians of the Turd Vol. 2
37 Turd Destination 2
38 Avengers: Infinity Turd
39 Turdopia
40 Son of the Turd
41 Superturd II
42 Batturd Forever
43 Turds: The Revenge
44 Hollow Turd
45 Super Mario Turds
46 The Turd Bully
47 Dora Saves the Turd Kingdom
48 Turds vs. Aliens
49 Turdy Dancing

A transition of dirty dancing

50 Looney Turd: Back in Action
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