Top 10 Movie Trilogies That Have Gone Downhill

Most movie trilogies start off strong however by movie 2 or so on the franchise is sent into a downward spiral.

The Top Ten Movie Trilogies That Have Gone Downhill

1 Transformers

The first one was very good, the second looks like a bad joke, the third... Well... I like the third movie, but in the last movie everything come back to ruin

The 1st Transformers wasn't really bad but Revenge of the Fallan and its other sequel Dark of the Moon sent the franchise into a tailspin which it could never recover from like most Michael Bay films its incredibly long and filled with explosions. - egnomac

Really went from bad to worst after the first movie.

2 Shrek

The third and fourth are underrated. The second is overrated.
I wonder what the fifth will be about though.

The first Shrek movie was great the second was even better but by the time Shrek the Third was released the Shrek series began to grow stale. - egnomac

In my opinion, the first two were pretty good, but everything after that was mediocre.

But what I do hate about Shrek is people keeps on saying "Shrek is love Shrek is life." Not funny, why is Shrek a part in MLG

Shrek is love with Fiona
Shrek is not life because your DNA is not ogre

3 Ice Age

This can be redeemed if they bring the human beings back. What happened to the baby?

The first three films are the best in the franchise. Everything after Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs was just awful.

4 Final Destination

The trouble with Horror movie franchises is they become stale and repetitive the Entire Final Destination series is the same exact thing in every movie - egnomac

The 5th one was BAD

5 The Matrix

The Matrix was something special, the sequels were good but not as the original. - MatrixGuy

Things really fell apart with the 3rd movie. - egnomac

6 Star Wars

People loved the original Star Wars movies but it wasn't until George Lucas decided to make Episodes I-I that tarnished the Star Wars reputation. - egnomac

He actually made the entire storyline 1-6 all at once, then he decided that 4-6 is better so he released them as films first. - Harri666

7 Resident Evil
8 Jurassic Park
9 Pirates of the Caribbean

I do not agree, the fourth film was a bit of a letdown yes, but the fifth film was very good. - vr46

10 Saw

The storyline continued to become more and more formulaic; have I seen this before? - dureckl

The Contenders

11 The Lion King

Are you kidding? They went from epic to extremely insulting (to an adult's viewpoint of the first one). - dureckl

The Lion King didn't need a sequel or a prequel for that matter. - egnomac

Good to kick BTTF out of the top ten. - dureckl

12 Back to the Future

Part II and Part I felt almost exactly like the very First Back to the Future movie. - egnomac

13 Twilight

You can't go downhill if you start at the very bottom. BLEH TWILIGHT

14 Fast & Furious


15 Big Momma's House

Big Mommas House was never bad.

It's the best movies of all time, - DapperPickle

16 Spider Man
17 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
18 Meet the Parents
19 Child's Play
20 Friday the 13th
21 Toy Story
22 Divergent
23 Taken

First movie was good, the sequels are just repeating the story.

24 Predator

While I was a huge fan of the first movie, none of the sequels were good (especially the latest one).

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