Top 10 Movies of 2016 Which Most Likely to Win Oscar for the Best Picture of 2017

There are good and bad movies release every year. But not all of them win the Oscar for the best picture. Usually drama movies with good story win oscar. And its a good prediction. The movies which get higher than 90 by critics are best possible to win oscars.

The Top Ten

1 Moonlight

Ha ha, like I said, a lot of movies from this list was nominated for oscar. Just a matter of time which will get oscar. - zxm

Finally this wins the oscar. - zxm

Got 99 in metacritic - zxm

2 Manchester by the Sea
3 La La Land

I think this movie will get the oscar. - zxm

4 Hell or High Water

This has potentiality, but I don't think it'll win an oscar. Possibly. - zxm

5 Jackie
6 Fences
7 Hacksaw Ridge
8 Hidden Figures
9 The Founder

Guess who's here? The boring master. So I think this movie is going to win oscar. If this wins then Iit'll will his third movie to win oscar. - zxm

10 Lion

The Contenders

11 Rules Don't Apply
12 Arrival
13 Elle
14 Zootopia
15 Captain America: Civil War

Fanboys everywhere

This kinds of movies usually don't get oscars. I don't mean its bad. Its very good. But critics prefer different kinds of movies. something more dramatic. - zxm

16 Silence
17 Loving
18 The Birth of a Nation
19 The Jungle Book The Jungle Book
20 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
21 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
22 Finding Dory
23 Sully
24 Deadpool
25 Trolls
26 Suicide Squad
27 Norm of the North
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