G-4rce Film Reviews: Suicide Squad

Caution: this review may contain some spoilers

Finally, I got to see this movie. Still pissed that I was 3 days late, though. I gotta say that 2016, so far, holds a great cast of films. I've been highly entertained by a lot of films this year, like Civil War, Legend, Miles Ahead, Zootopia, The Nice Guys, 13 Hours, and others. Best thing about it is that we're just a little more than halfway into the year, so we still got a ways to go. Suicide Squad was one of my more anticipated movies of the year. I really wanted to see these characters in action, especially Harley Quinn who's FINALLY in a live action movie. Anyways, let's get down to business...

Rotten Tomatoes
Critics: 26% Mostly Negative
Audience: 73% Mostly Positive
Critics: 40% Mixed to Negative
Audience: 6.8 Generally Favorable

My Thoughts and Review:
I was a bit worried about how this film would turn out. Went to Rotten Tomatoes and boom, a 26% already slapped on there. Oh, but take a look to the right... a 73% from audiences! Yeah, that's what I thought. Bastards... Still, I was concerned if this film would be overdone. I mean, I've seen action/comedy flicks where the comedy is overdone to the point where the movie as a whole just ends up being goofy. Fortunately, though, this entire film was very, very balanced. Comedy was generously spaced out, and the film concentrates on the characters more than anything. One thing I must say about the actors in this film is that they played their parts to a tee, and I was incredibly impressed with Margot Robbie's performance as Harley. She brought the majority of comic relief in the film. Every character in Suicide Squad felt like they really were cartoon characters. The Joker felt different, though. I actually wasn't sure how I felt about the his new part. Compared to the Joker in the Dark Knight, this Joker felt like he's just a crazy villain instead of a crazy SMART villain. He just commits wild crimes because it's fun, I guess, while compared to the Joker in Dark Knight, he committed crimes to prove a moral point, which was actually valid. That's the biggest reason I loved Joker in Dark Knight. He had a REASON to be insane. Now, I'm not saying I didn't like the Joker in Suicide Squad. Jared Leto did play the part well. He actually said he wanted the film to be rated R, and I can see how that ties into his performance in the film. The Joker is a bit more violent and ruthless than he is in Dark Knight, which makes him a bit more menacing. The portrayal of his relationship with Harley was also done the right way. These two are crazy about each other, and this film expresses that relationship in comedic ways. Joker doesn't get a very major role in the film, but I would like to see him return for more development. Will Smith's role as Deadshot was a good, as well. Smith has always been a good actor, in my opinion. He can play the part if you just give it to him. The main villain of the film was Enchantress. Yes, the witch girl. I thought she would join along with the Squad but she had a bit of a deeper background than I thought. The girl is actually Dr. June Moone, who was possessed by Enchantress, a witch-goddess. She was a very worthy villain. She had OP abilities and she seemed unstoppable, but, of course, she still had some kind of weakness. All it took was a bit of trickery to defeat her.

All characters in the film are just great. The sheer charisma from the actors make them believable. The story of the film is very, very simple. One thing you should take into consideration is that this is a superhero movie... a PG-13 superhero movie, and most of these kinds of movies don't have a very strong plot, but what matters is how well it's executed. It feels like the whole goal of this film was just to make sure every moment was just as exciting as the last, or even more exciting for that matter. There's action pretty much throughout the entire film with only momentary breaks. Coming from Zack Snyder, I was really hoping for some awesome action, especially after being a disappointed with the ones in Batman v Superman. This film delivers what I was looking for. The action scenes are overall very balanced. Some basic combat sequences including lots of guns and a few super powers to add to it. No knocking people through dozens of concrete walls or anything like that. Just smooth, clean fighting. Also, the music placement in the film was excellent, with a variety of recognizable songs and artists.

In a basic summary, it's really the performance of the main cast and the well-shot action that keep this movie together. Suicide Squad was all about the entertainment value instead of its depth, and it works.

Overall: 9/10 Awesome
What this film presents is some more Zack Snyder nonsense, but I have to say that I've haven't been more entertained by another superhero movie this entire year. Maybe the plot won't get too far with some audiences, but the reason I gave this film such a high score is because it was just straight fun from start to finish. Every actor in the film knew EXACTLY how to play their parts, and I was definitely most impressed with Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie must be a hardcore Harley fan or something because I don't know another person who could nail that character as much as she did. Action scenes were really well-done. Nothing too over the top to the point where it ends up being dull, like BvS. As a whole, this is probably one of my most favorite movies of the year. It's better than Batman v Superman by a mile, and I enjoyed it more than Civil War. I want a Suicide Squad 2. That's how much I loved this movie.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I got some movie critics to go curse out. I'll see you guys in the next post. Thanks for reading!


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I find it funny that a bunch of fans thought that they were in any sort of position to chastise professional film critics who viewed these movies objectively rather than based on pandering references. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I got some movie critics to go curse out." Don't bandwagon with those morons who tried to shut down Rotten Tomatoes. Anyways, I do remember you saying that you over rated this movie so I'm not going to bother criticizing, as I think this review was well written and carefully put together, but I just want to point out that the critics have a right to their opinions...plus they have good arguments. - DCfnaf

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