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41 Why Him?

Literally the funniest movie I have ever seen. I was laughing every second of the movie and it had so many great cringe moments also. - roflcash4

This is the funniest movie I've ever watched. I just couldn't stop laughing. - Catlover2004

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42 The Handmaiden
43 Nerve

Awesome movie. Emma Roberts is fantastic as Vee. A movie about a online game of dare. The risks are becoming more and more difficult till the dares kept escalating. At the end the viewers but not players of the game can vote. Vee is being voted to die. Will she die or live? Just watch the movie. Worth to watch more than once. I was always a fan of Emma Roberts but now she's in my top5 favorite actresses.

Holy cheese I was wetting myself watching this movie, it is so tense! Really good movie, one of the best I've seen! - wcm_0604

best one

Sexy Movie Man - VideoGamefan5

44 The Shallows

This movie surprised me. A true masterpiece - Jonerman

I didn't like it but if you did, that's totally fine,I am just sharing my personal opinion.

I did not like it, once I watched the trailer. So Ban in Jass, just in the shallow place. I can make a better skark movie then this. But not Jaws 1

45 Eddie the Eagle

Loved this movie it has a lot of heart and is based on a true story. The main actor pick was a good one too. I am concerned that people are just voting for movies that are familiar to them on the first page instead of scrolling through these other pages and finding a good film with a great script. I would recommend one single page that loads as you scroll down per frame this would help people decide on better choices sometimes people ignore the arrow at the bottom of the page. Better films deserve more recognition whether or not the masses frequent this site or not doesn't matter its just a matter of principle.

46 Me Before You
47 Batman: The Killing Joke

This is my favorite Batman movie of the year!

Sometimes I remember it one way, Sometimes another. If I'm going to have a past, then I'd prefer it to be a multiple choice. Hahaaa! - asantalo

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48 The Little Prince
49 Star Wars: Rogue One V 1 Comment
50 Passengers

Very Nice. Best (romantic) movie of 2016.

Great actors and great movie - Einar

This Movie actually Sucked - VideoGamefan5

This movie was actually quite awful. I just finished watching Moana and thought they were the same movie just because they both got a 5/10 rating.

I may be a bit a bit harsh on this but sorry it's the honest truth. This was absolute garbage. Batman vs Superman wasn't good but it was decent and had a good plot. This plot is AWFUL I mean the acting is good which makes the film not 0/10 but everything else WENT WRONG! I don't know what happened in this film but I had kinda high expectations for this because the trailer was so epic...and that is why it's not 1/10. The plot is decent and I said it twice for no reason which makes it a 3/10
And I farted which makes it a 4/10

But the actual was a huge ass disappointment so 3/10.

And the ending was DISASTROUS. So 2/10 is my final score. This is 100% honest. If anyone likes this film I will be jealous. Ok, we cool? *farts* *crashes into wall* *curses* - AlphaQ

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51 Hail, Caesar! V 1 Comment
52 Nocturnal Animals
53 War Dogs

A bit of a watered-down true-life crime film but still an entertaining watch nevertheless. Very worth checking out. - Mcgillacuddy

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54 Godzilla Resurgence

Please put this as number one. This movie is so important of this year.

This movie is coming out in theaters late 2016 in the U.S.

PUT THIS ON NUMBER 1! THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME! Godzilla was amazing in this film.

This movie is so important!

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55 Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)

2 Random Teens Body Swap Somehow and Swap Back and Forth For A While. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind! - djpenquin999

I think this is the best animated movie I ever watch

56 The Legend of Tarzan V 1 Comment
57 The Salesman

This movie is so great...



This is the best movie of all time
won the oscar and is really interesting
if u have the chance don't lose it and watch it because its 100% the best movie of 2016 and one of the best movies in all the time

58 Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life


59 Patriot's Day
60 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

This movie was better than the original. The first movie got 21% and the second one got 38%

This gonna be a good movie!

Why does everyone hate this movie it's so good

I loved this! - Pixtol

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