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101 My Big Fat Greek Wedding: 2
102 Fifty Shades of Black
103 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of the Everfree

I wish that Hasbro(I think it's Hasbro...)would switch over to a new generation of MLP already, like in the 80's when they switched over to the different generation in the 2000's. That Mary-Sue Twilight Sparkle has already achieved far beyond her goal, there's not much left to do. I don't watch MLP anymore, but hopefully Hasbro will be smart enough to start fresh with a different generation of MLP, rather than taking a popular show with both kids and adults, that does so many things right and turning it into another Spongebob Squarepants. - SeeU

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104 Jackie
105 Red Dog: True Blue
106 I, Daniel Blake
107 Office Christmas Party V 1 Comment
108 Ice Age: Collision Course

They made to many, hopefully this will be the last one

It is the last one.

It deserves a low budget and a lot of hate because I am glad I did not see it but I saw the the trailer and it bad enough.

Unfunny Pile Of $h! t - VideoGamefan5

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109 Sharknado: The 4th Awakens V 2 Comments
110 Dangal
111 Storks

This movie seems like it will be good, seeing how The Lego Movie was a success with the same people that made this, and judging by the clip that I have seen(Wolf pack transformation). When I have the time, I will go and watch this movie, exited for another round of clever jokes and memorable laughs! - SeeU

I surprisingly enjoyed this one.

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112 The Girl on the Train
113 Hardcore Henry
114 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
115 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back V 1 Comment
116 Swiss Army Man

This movie is far better than Dead Pool - zxm

117 Nine Lives

It's a cat movie. And when I saw it, I regretted it. Rotten Tomatoes rated it a 4%, and it deserves it. - Catacorn

Shaggy dog ripoff. - RobertdDowneyRobertDowneyJr

It will suck. - Powerfulgirl10

It's a good movie not as good as zootopia or inside out or moana orpetes dragon its still a good movie and a little funny.

118 Adventures in Babysitting

The small little girl was the most annoying and was not funny.

WHY. IS THIS HERE? Honestly, if Walt Disney were alive, he would be devistated at how bad Disney Channel's shows and movies are... - SeeU

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119 Queen of Katwe
120 Bridget Jones's Baby
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