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161 24
162 Elle
163 The Bronze

Very funny, sweet, sports comedy. - NvGNick

164 Tower
165 Life, Animated
166 The Accountant
167 Snowden
168 Ice Age: Collision Course

They made to many, hopefully this will be the last one

It is the last one.

It deserves a low budget and a lot of hate because I am glad I did not see it but I saw the the trailer and it bad enough.

Unfunny Pile Of $h! t - VideoGamefan5

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169 The Nut Job 2

Sorry, but I never even see a Nut Job 2, I always look at imdb.

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170 Warcraft Warcraft

This is the best video game adaptation I've seen in my opinion. I know that's not saying much but it's much better than what you might of been led to believe or what the reviews might lead you to believe.

Decent, it's hard to make good films from games.

It was decent, not perfect but when is a movie perfect?

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171 Independence Day: Resurgence V 2 Comments
172 London Has Fallen
173 The Purge: Election Year

Awesome movie I really enjoyed it - HollowArrow

174 Norm of the North

Actually, now I agree with my friends because of a lot of negative reviews and toilet humor. Spoiler alerts may be occurred with this comment.

Basically, it's about a polar bear named Norm who goes to New York to try and stop people from building condos in the Arctic ( I don't know why they want to do that) and the rest of it has nothing to do with the plot. He's friends with three lemmings who have serious issues with peeing and are a bit similar to minions. There are scenes where they pee in a fish tank for a long time (poor fish) and in a potted plant. SERIOUSLY?! WHAT IS ROTTEN TOMATOES THINKING?! Just look up how many negative reviews there are about this movie. I think it looks cute, but stupid.

No its awful, terrible animation stupid characters take it off

This movie was terrible! - Powerfulgirl10

Norm Has It's Own Page to Itself, HAHAAHAHAAHA - VideoGamefan5

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175 Max Steel

Max Steel… yawn yawn yawn!

176 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

They should stop making Divergent movies. I mean the 1st one got a low score, the 2nd one even worst and the 3rd one even worst, then a 4th one the whole thing will be 0; Critics, Audience, Rotten Tomatoes, Metascore.

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