March 2017 Film Overview Logan/Kong: Skull Island

idontknow A new segment is where I'll be doing quick short reviews on here, they are not full length in depth and no spoilers so don't worry and these are the 2 films I saw in March 2017 (which I'll be updating with the next few March films).


I remember when Logan finished, the entire audience was silent, no-one clapped nor said anything, my cousin and I looked at each other and didn't say anything.
The ride back home, we were silent just thinking about this film.

In short, I loved Logan, in my opinion it's a masterpiece (and I've seen it twice) and I think it may be my favourite comic book movie ever, heck, one of my favourite films ever and I wouldn't even call this a comic book film, it's a modern western (Don't Worry, The Dark Knight trilogy is still a masterpiece too). This film set the bar for upcoming films, the performances were incredible, the greatest in this genre and the action was fantastic (especially with the R rating), but what makes this film so fantastic are the emotional beats and dramatic storytelling and the characters and I've been thinking deeply about this film since it came out (I freaking cried, I haven't cried at a film for a very long time)
I don't wanna spoil too much, but I think it's obvious that I loved Logan.



I was really pumped for this film, we get a new mythology/story and the trailers were bad-ass. Guys, this film was really disappointing to me, there are good things in it though.
Kong himself was incredibly bad-ass, when he was on screen it was amazing and entertaining, I also thought the location- Skull Island was really cool, John C.Reilly was the best character in the film, I cared about him and Samuel L.Jackson was really interesting and to be honest I also cared about Jason Mitchell's character, he was entertaining, in fact, I was really enjoying the military scenes. Many of the action set-pieces in Skull Island were really enjoyable too.

However, the film's other characters are bland and the great cast is wasted, I didn't care about any of them and the film itself is really bland and has no real tone, it's tonally a mess as well, for example there is this scene where something really serious is happening and then something happens to where I laughed out-loud and it seemed unintentional.
The writing is not that great either and the film's editing choices seems odd, for example when they are recruiting Tom Hiddleston, it goes from a messy quick edit bar fight to a conversation to John Goodman (who is completely wasted here) and Corey Hawkings just with a click of the finger and there are many more instances where it happened and it was so jarring. The film also has quite mediocre CGI and when they do a close up, it doesn't make it better and the green screen is really noticeable, like in the first 3 minutes alone and the film's pacing drops in the middle.

As a whole, it is enjoyable, fun and Kong is awesome (so Is John C.Reilly wielding a samurai sword), but the tone's all over the place at times, the film didn't feel intense, the characters are bland and the film as a whole is bland.

Kong Skull Island- C

Still pumped for Kong Vs Godzilla though.

(Updates for more March films coming)